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May 29, 2022

99er’s Exhausting Unemployment Benefits, No One To Blame But Themselves

Job openings still seem to be there.

Job openings still seem to be there.

The Current Job Situation In America

A funny thing has been happening in the United States. President Barack Obama and Congress have worked for the last two years to get as many jobs available to Americans as they can.

For nearly a year, every month has seen a notable growth in job creation. However, the unemployment rate has remained stagnant.

When the rate fell from 9.6% to 9.4% last month, the reason was not that more jobs were taken, but that citizens exhausted their benefits and simply were no longer counted due to no longer searching for work.

And THAT is the problem with the unemployment situation in the United States.

The jobs are there. Over one million jobs have been added in the last year in various industries in the United States. Jobs have been created from high-level corporate jobs to working for minimum wage and in factories. Regardless of education level, there is a job out there that would accept you if you’re smart about it.

For every American that has taken advantage of the opportunities created by President Obama and Congress, there are a few who have just sat at home and waited on the unemployment benefit checks to come in the mail.

The System Is Fine

The system should not be knocked, as it is as good as it can be. It’s unreasonable to demand that every single person on unemployment be thoroughly inspected often enough and closely enough to make sure they are not abusing the system. The unfortunate fact is that while some are truly thankful for the assistance from the government and are using it as an opportunity to get back in the workforce, there are those who realized they could just sit at home, reduce their standard of living a little bit, and just collect a check.

The truth of the matter is that jobs are out there and they are abundant. At the end of 2010, areas like the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, Baltimore, San Jose, Cleveland, Boston, Seattle, Austin, Denver, Charlotte, Atlanta, and other big cities had around 100 job listings for every 1,000 people in the area. San Jose topped the list with 162 job openings for every 1,000 people. Other cities like New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh had just under 50 job openings for every 1,000 people. (See job map.)

How can people possibly claim that there simply are no jobs for them when over one million jobs were created in the last year on top of the job openings that were already there? Especially the 99ers who have already collected 99 weeks of unemployment and recently held a candlelight vigil because they didn’t get an additional 13 months. Boohoo! Fix up your resumes, improve your skillset, read some books, learn proper punctuation and get a job like everyone else.

If the 99ers want to continue collecting money for over 99 weeks, guess what? It’s no longer called unemployment. It’s called welfare.

How Hard Are 99ers Really Trying?

The truth of the matter is while it is reasonable that in smaller cities and less populated areas, jobs are scarce and the need for unemployment benefits are really there. But for most of the men and women collecting unemployment benefits, there’s a good chance they’re abusing the system.

A reasonable amount of unemployment time is understandable but where do these brash 99ers get off feeling a sense of entitlement that everyone should pool their tax dollars and just hand them to a 99er while they sit at home feeling sorry for themselves while making little effort to improve their own situation.

Now, maybe someone who used to make $200,000 a year can’t find a job paying quite as much, but at a time of true desperation, what’s stopping that person from working at the local mall or restaurant?

Then there are those who are simply going about things wrong.

Mistakes The Unemployed Make

One common mistake is sending the wrong message with a poorly constructed resume. Many 99er’s are aiming for jobs and turning in resumes with spelling and grammar errors (yes I’ve talked to many 99ers and about 99% of them don’t know how to spell or use proper punctuation).  This brings up the question, “would you hire someone like that?”  And better yet “how much do you really want this job if you won’t even go over your resume?

Other issues include people sending out generic resumes and not targeting their resume towards the company they are applying for. This is common sense and all part of trying to present yourself in the best possible light to get a job. Some people also choose to lie on their resumes and are simply unprofessional by being informal and not being punctual.

In short, many who are currently collecting unemployment benefits and are complaining that they can’t find a job are the ones to blame.

There are simply too many 99er’s who are either abusing the system or just doing a bad job of applying for jobs.

One year ago it was understandable that it was difficult to find a job, but over the course of 99 weeks, which is just under two years, how can one explain not being able to find a job?

While some of the 99er’s may have legitimate reasons, for most, can they honestly say that after almost two years of government assistance during which they did not work that they honestly need another 13 months because they truly cannot land one of the over one million jobs out there?

Industry Employment Trends via Wow job growth!
Chart research displays jobs exist... amazing!

50 Comments on 99er’s Exhausting Unemployment Benefits, No One To Blame But Themselves

  1. @taxpayer…if you dont like the site dont go to it! simple as that! i think YOU have nothing better to do than sit around and cause problems for people that already have enough of their own, and its not because of the site, its because of the bad choices our government and wall street made.

  2. avid job seeker – you believe that BS about making the site run better!!! hahahahaha! That is a joke. First of all, they need someone to run it that knows what they’re doing. That site doesn’t get much traffic at this point. They are locking it down like Fort Knox because the Admins are EMBARRASSED by the “check in” thread and how bad it makes the unemployed look.

    Get a grip, wake up and smell the coffee. GAWD.

  3. And one more thing, sorry if I seem long winded.

    14 Weeks isn’t going to fix this economy, your bank ledgers, or anything. It will buy you a little more time. To do what may I ask? Rally for a tier V? VI? VII? Impossible trying to make the UI Happy. It’s a no win situation no matter how many weeks, months or years you are rallying for. Most will say that they are being discriminated due to their age group (Older generation) and/or medical conditions. That’s just a way to get around saying your services are out dated. Or You Education perhaps. And then you say you fall into the category that your not employable due to the fact of your medical history. NONSENSE. Even if your “New” job offered medical, and most don’t unless you pay into in at high rates….You can’t be insured for past medical conditions. But most companies are not offering insurance and if they do, it’s so high you couldn’t afford it anyway. Maybe that will change with the Obama Health Care Reform. I don’t know. All I see is one excuse after another to justify your inability to obtain employment.

    And you think your age classifies you into a category all to yourself? That may be so. But there are MORE younger generations that are jobless too. Your age isn’t the reason you were let go. Nope, Not entirely. Think again.

    Then tell all them younger than you folks that you are in a class alone and have more reasons than they to get more handouts. See how far that line will get you.

    I am neither for or against anything besides more handouts. And that goes for the young and old.

    I am almost 42 years old. Was UE’ed for 11 months. Worked during that time through temp agencies NON STOP at least 1 week per month but no less. And I was offered a job where only ONE POSITION was open for a Temp to Hire…. I got it because I NEVER TURNED DOWN anything. I was dependable, didn’t make excuses and didn’t milk the system. I took what I could get and I was rewarded. I NEVER graduated high school. Got my GED when I was 35. I don’t posses college degree’s. I went to votech for medical work when I was in my early 20s and nothing came of that. I worked all my life hard and was rewarded. I chose my path. So have you.

    The only certificates I ever possessed were those praising me for PERFECT ATTENDANCE and PERFECT WORK ETHIC, PERFECT WORK RECORD, NO INJURIES, FORKLIFT, etc…… And lots and lots if not most of those were PERFECT ATTENDANCE which often came with a big fat bonus. NOPE I never even took vacations. I was never late for work. I didn’t have kids on either hip but that shouldn’t even be an excuse for tardiness or missed work when it was your choice to breed. I have never missed work for illnesses or FMLA or anything. NOTHING. Nor have I missed anything since my layoff prior to Christmas 2008.

    Keep a lot of this in mind.

    Most people depended on FMLA, time off, paid holidays, paid sick, paid personal, maternity leave, etc…… which is NON SENSE! Just go to work everyday, show them your best 100% of the time. And never ask for more than you are truly worth. Show them you are multi talented and with a BIG SMILE.

    Give them your all, and you might be rewarded too.

    Constantly make excuses, and you get what you deserve!

  4. I had to go have lunch/supper with a very good friend. So, there above this post is my last post from LATIMES.

  5. avid job seeker wrote:

    oh by the way, thanks for the publicity for the site!! =-)

    you’re quite welcome, want more?

  6. it doesn’t causeican, they make themselves look bad with that thread, then blame everyone else for getting a bad wrap.

    The admins SHOULD be embarrassed by that thread and all the personal/private information that is shared and the discussing of their pets digestive problems, and the late nite bi-polar stuff.

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  9. Wow calling out a lot of your freeloadin’ friends there. This gets better and better each day. I’m sure when this extended handout proposal gets fast-tracked to nowhere there will be some jumping off of that site and some jumping out of windows.

  10. hey taxpayer…bring it on biatch! you dont scare me one iota! Better yet, why dont you identify yourself on UFF if you feel so strongly about it. you have absolutely no class and are subhuman. you and your pals here have nothing better to do than rank on the less fortunate who btw Mark have college degrees and worked their asses off their whole lives. you all have a special place in hell with your names on it!

  11. If the meaning of Troll is people that don’t like what is being said, they I think YOU ALL are trolling this site, while we troll the other.

    So, I guess you’re gay too! LOL

  12. Since they don’t waste time commenting on that site anymore its doubtful they will know you were calling them out as phonies. And being phony is what the friendless board is all about.

  13. I came to this site after someone alerted me that my friends were being exploited and used for your enjoyment. as i stated above, there is a special place in hell with all your names on it. this could happen to ANYONE. that site is a god send for many people and I will defend it and the members to the end. I suggest you start fact hunting instead of rambling on aimlessly about something you obviously know nothing about. btw, i am not employed but my husband is. we pay taxes too, I NEVER COLLECTED UNEMPLOYMENT MYSELF,because i was self employed. I firmly believe in the 99er cause and will fight for them until they get the help they deserve. I suggest you start thinking about YOUR own future because things in this country are getting worse instead of better. I would hate to see YOU suffer like many others are right now. better focus on your own affairs.

  14. @taxpayer…a troll is someone who spouts hateful, spiteful, and incorrect information about someone or a cause and purposely starts trouble. that describes just about all of you here LOL

  15. Nope, I think were pretty safe in our jobs thank you very much. And if I have a place in hell? I do think I’ll be standing side by side with all the freeloading lazy ass bums on UF. Tisk Tisk. Better watch out….. You never know who your neighbor really is.

  16. MY future is secure has been for a long time , and as far as your friends go …. let me ask you this how can someone post on that board 10000 times in less then 8 months and still be looking for work?

  17. um 99er and proud of it…i hate to burst your bubble but the people you mention barely ever post on that site anymore. why are you mentioning people that dont post anymore? why dont you grow a pair and say who YOU really are?

  18. And on another note before I sign out for a time tonight to go watch something more interesting …… This is a shout out to ALL THE BREEDERS OF THE NATION….. Wanna see the jobless rate drop staggeringly ? STOP SPITTING OUT BABIES FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!! 5 kids here, 19 kids there, 12 kids here, 9 kids there, wtf already? STOP IT! Just stop! The business hiring can’t keep up with your constant breeding. Stop blaming everyone else and take a peek at how many mouths you have to feed. If you can’t do it, how the HELL do you expect anyone else to do it? That’s the million dollar question. Freebies and handouts.

  19. Too late your momma is pregnant Mark. Its gonna look like SHERK THE TROLL. Sebastian is your DONKEY! YOU BIACH!

  20. @causeican, i am very glad your future is secure.(I truly am) you are one of the rare few. as far as posting 10000 times in 8 months, i assume you are referring to mrgolf? let me tell you a bit about him before i answer that…mrgolf is an extremely intelligent man and has been all over the world in the past. He is very informative and supportive to all of the members on the site and is a wealth of knowledge. In fact he is one of the smartest people i have ever met. needless to say, he has been great about answering questions of many posters on the site,and has posted quite a bit of useful information throughout the months. posts add up quickly when posting news or articles. The members with a high amount of posts are the ones who usually post information. Most of the 99ers and long term unemployed have a daily routine they follow for job hunting. I dont know anyone that has stopped looking for work. I wish we could exchange conversation without all of this rhetoric. I have a feeling we would learn a lot from each other about this mess.

  21. AVID i’m not talking about just MRGOLF , hes about to get his SS or already has, im talking about people like DIRI , GETTINTHEM, JOBLESSINMASS , MOBILESYSTEMS ,AND QUITE A FEW MORE

  22. I like bending over Butch, but not for you cause you don’t have the right equipment.

    And yes, I’m a sucker too….and I love it!

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