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May 22, 2024

Adelaide Plans on Becoming First Carbon Neutral City

The time has come to focus on alternative and renewable sources of energy and Adelaide in Australia is trying to lead the way.

Solar energy is one of the most viable and cost effective renewable source of energy for residential and commercial buildings. Because of this, the Australian government is now offering generous solar grants to promote the use of solar energy in businesses and households.

The solar grant scheme provides landlords up to:

The solar grant totals $150,000 to Australian businesses equipped with solar energy panels and storage. With the Labour Government announcing a $1.1 million tender to install battery storage in several government buildings and businesses, South Australia has become the leading state in battery storage using solar energy. The storage batteries will store solar power during the day that could be used at night.

This initiative has been started in the city of Adelaide, which became the first in the nation to offer financial incentives to businesses and households to install battery storage systems. If the plan is successful we can count on it’s expansion to other cities.

The objective of this grant scheme is to encourage the community to invest in solar energy storage, in order to enhance energy efficiency. The initiative will augment the demand for renewable energy and encourage the growth of green industries. It also promotes cleaner modes of transport by adding $500 per electric automobile charging station.

Battery storage of renewable energy is growing at a fast pace all across the world, and according to Australian Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis, this solar grant will help in making Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city.

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