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May 22, 2024

Romney Campaign has Momentum Because He is a Problem Solver

The past three weeks have been telling. Since the first presidential debate on October 3rd between President Obama and Governor Romney, the tides have turned and Romney has experienced a whirlwind of momentum.

Why is this?  The public saw the human side of Mitt Romney. He has always been the same man but for the first time, Romney displayed himself and his campaign on such a highly-watched public platform.

Romney was intelligent and performed well under pressure with the whole country watching. Obama was caught off guard by Romney’s superior performance and it was a blow to his ego. Obama was flustered. He did not prepare and took the debate for granted. It showed and Obama never got his footing.

Here is the most important point to the upcoming election – Mitt Romney is a problem solver and has proven track record of success. Period.

With the United States in the position we are currently in: a poor economy, terrible unemployment rate, two never-ending wars and congressional deadlock with all relevant issues, we need a proven performer more than ever. We need a business leader who can fix the economy.

A businessman with an astounding track record is the only thing that can quickly and effectively get us out of this mess. Governor Romney created one of the most successful Venture Capital businesses of all time, Bain Capital. He was asked to turnaround the 2002 Olympic Games and he did it. He became Governor of Massachusetts and implemented positive policies among a majority Democratic legislature. These are no small feats; especially Bain Capital and the Olympic turnaround.

On the contrary, Barack Obama is a proven community organizer, great speech-giver and hype man. The difference between Obama’s 2008 election campaign and today is night and day. Obama so badly wants to use similar speech tactics and the “Hope” motto that won him the ’08 election but he cannot. President Obama has not delivered on his 2008 rhetoric and continuing the same hyped campaigning would be a certain loss for him this time around.

On October 3rd, for the first time during the last four years, Barack Obama was publicly challenged by a smart, successful opponent and he found himself on the defensive. Obama has remained on the defensive for the last three weeks and his ego is hurt. Unfortunately, it shows and the only thing President Obama has done in the last three weeks is snap at Romney like a scared dog trapped in the corner. All he can do is snap and bite anytime Romney gets close or challenges his track record.

If you re-read the last three paragraphs and compare Romney’s track record of success versus Obama’s track record of being a community organizer, what does this tell you?

You decide.

PS: The best predictor of future success is past success.

1 Comment on Romney Campaign has Momentum Because He is a Problem Solver

  1. Romney is a sale out just like every Washington polotician.I used to think he would be the one to fix America for the poor and the working class. It’s what he let’s come out of his mouth that shows he is not for the American worker. Trump is the only president in my life time that has actually shown that he loves America and its people.

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