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June 19, 2024

In Replay of 2016, CNN, Pollsters Get Election Very Wrong Again

There are so many polls and media reports of the tiny chance President Trump had to win that both of these industries need a major change. As recently as this morning, some major news outlets had 3% and 10% chances for President Trump to win.

Then shortly after ballots began getting counted and Florida was looking more and more like a Trump victory, the odds suddenly switched to 50/50 and shortly after 60/40 toward Trump.

Pollsters didn’t learn much from their embarrassing 2016 debacle but they basically followed up with the same tomfoolery in 2020. They got Florida wrong, many got Texas wrong, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan polling numbers are also so far off that it is embarrassing.

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight looks like he is not taking any accountability or responsibility for how wrong his site has been yet again.

Nate Silver showing no self reflection after being so wrong in 2016 and now 2020.

In a predictable move to take attention away from President Trump’s strong, unexpected performance in several states tonight they make this the headline on their home page –

If the President does in fact go on to win the election tomorrow or in the coming days, we all know CNN will find anything and everything to sensationalize and bash the President about instead of reflecting on what they got wrong and how they continue to let their left ideology get in the way of fair and balanced reporting.

We also know that CNN and MSNBC need President Trump to continue their higher viewership count, which results in more ad revenue dollars. If Joe Biden wins the election, viewership will drop and potentially force CNN and MSNBC into large cuts.

Now you’re starting to understand the double whammy that CNN pulls – they sensationalize their left leaning Democratic support and bashing of Trump because it incites emotional responses from their viewers thereby sucking them in for longer periods. And then they have to come up with as angering and fearmongering headlines as possible because that’s what allows them to retain their visitors which keeps ad revenue higher.

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