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July 19, 2024

2020 Election is Here

Four years ago, President Donald Trump pulled off the single biggest upset in politics, sports, anywhere.

The morning of this day four years ago, all pundits and the world were expecting a convincing win by Hillary Clinton.

As the day went on, tiny hints of a lack of Clinton domination were starting to appear but even by 3pm PST when the first exit polls from the east coast were sprinkling in, the consensus was still a strong victory for Hillary.

From there with each passing our, watching CNN and FoxNews was a surreal experience. On CNN, the anchors were in visible disbelief at the strength of the Trump vote. Soon after the election, CNN lost all objectivity in their reporting but on this day four years ago they still pretended to be objective.

The look on every CNN anchor was one of shock, disbelief and near tears at the inevitability of Trump’s win becoming more clear.

Who knows what will happen tonight in the 2020 election of Joe Biden vs President Trump but we will know a lot more in 12 hours, even if we do not yet know the winner.

Here is how the electoral college ended in 2016:

All signs point to the 2020 presidential race coming down to Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. With the biggest current uncertainty being Pennsylvania.

Is there a hidden silent majority that will come out for Donald Trump like 2016? Has Trump lost too much of the independent and female vote? Is Trump’s handling of Covid-19 going to cost him the election? Will we ever get a definitive election result without a huge legal battle?

All of these are huge questions looming over the United States of America today. We will update when more information emerges.

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