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June 19, 2024

Why Republican “Red Wave” Did Not Come in Midterms

Most polls leading to 2022 midterm election predicted a big red wave sweeping the House and Senate where Republican candidates would steal seats from Democrats and take control of the House and Senate.

Although Republicans are slated to take control of the House, Democrats were able to hold onto the Senate majority even with a run-off coming between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock.

Republicans were hopeful to win Senate seats in Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. None of this worked out with Democrats cruising to clear victories except for Nevada which was much closer.

Republicans took control of the House but by a thin margin which will make it difficult for the Majority Leader to gather aligned support especially from the more fringe Representatives.

So Why Did The “Red Wave” Not Come?

The Republican “red wave” did not come for two main reasons:

  1. Overturning Rowe vs Wade proved to frighten large amounts of people enough to reject Republican politicians who they fear would further take away women’s right to choose.
  2. The sneaky Democratic strategy of spending their funds to promote more alt-right election denier Republican candidates paid off in a big way. By helping these less-electable candidates become the Republican winners heading into midterms, they stacked the deck in Democrat candidates favor because although the country generally prefers the Senate and House to be led by the opposite party of the President, they did not want election deniers and low quality Republicans enough to overcome their desire for checks and balances with a split Government.

There you have it. The red wave did not come and the United States goes into the next two years with a Democratic President and Senate. And a Republican controlled House.

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