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May 22, 2024

Obama Talks Arizona Immigration Law, Blasts Brewer

Obama Takes Stance Against Arizona Law

Obama Takes Stance Against Arizona LawSan Francisco ( The year 2010 has seen much news on the topic of immigration, specifically illegal immigration. The state of Arizona, led by Governor Jan Brewer, has passed laws requiring all immigrants to have papers on them at all times to prove that they are in the United States of America legally. The law became an instant controversy as most Americans went into an uproar over the new policy. Even President Barack Obama went against the plan and offered his own measures to take care of illegal immigration issues.

In an interview with Harry Smith of the CBS “Early Show,” President Obama continued to knock the Arizona Governor’s questionable legislature. Obama made it clear that he sees people like Jan Brewer as not genuine. He sees government officials as her as people who are simply looking to make the news and become popular and that solving the problem at hand is none of their true concern.

In his interview with CBS, Obama said, “I understand the frustration of people in Arizona. But what we can’t do is demagogue the issue and what we can’t do is allow a patchwork of 50 different states or cities or localities where anybody who wants to make a name for themselves suddenly says, ‘I’m going to be anti-immigrant and I’m going to try to see if I can solve the problem ourselves.’ This is a national problem.”

Obama is already succeeding is solving the mess made by Brewer.

Last week, the Obama Administration won a court decision that will keep the most problematic parts of the new Arizona immigration law from being enacted, at least for the time being.

With the temporary, but major victory in the battle over illegal immigration, President Obama has done a great service to American citizens and protected the dignity and privacy of millions of Arizonians and visitors to the states. With his plan to take care of the issue of illegal immigration and his current deportation policies, there is no question that President Obama is looking out for the best interests of Americans and their ability to walk the streets safely without being questioned by police for documentation.

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31 Comments on Obama Talks Arizona Immigration Law, Blasts Brewer

  1. This article is a joke. Do you know what illegals cost this country? CNN statistics have shown they cost the U.S. around $113 billion annually. That around 30% of our federal inmates are illegals. But hey, we cant have people PROVING they’re citizens when stopped for a LEGAL reason in spite of all of this, can we? That’s way too invasive. I tell you what, why don’t you let a few of your readers come over to your house, jump your fence, eat your food, and watch your cable. Hey, we just want something a little better than what we have. No, we don’t want to pay for it, its your house man that’s your job. And don’t bother calling the police or asking me to show my title for the home, or see my name on the bills…that’s private information man. Don’t profile me. Thanks Obama, for making this country weak and protecting the rights of illegal aliens. Get real.

  2. And don’t forget that 70+% Arizonians (yeah, the ones who’s rights the president and you so adamantly strive to protect) want this law approved, but our corrupt administration and justice department are spineless. Whats next, defend the New Black Panther Party? Or just delete my post since I oppose your viewpoint?

  3. Obama has done a great disservice to Americans who are raped, murdered, mamed and otherwise harrassed and harmed by people here illegally. Stands to reason that Obama would side with the illegals since he’s likely one himself. Illegals, Muslims, why did Obama want to be President of a county he has so much distain for. Oh I forgot, to fundamentally change it.

  4. Obama is the one who’s not genuine in this arguement. Pot calling the kettle black here. The only thing he’s after is appeasing the next 16 million generaton of instant democrats. Smoke and mirrors, while he dances the jive his minions plan a course of unlegislated path to allowing the curse from south of the border to stay here. This man is out of touch with the heartland and it will come back to him in spades.

  5. In this matter, as in others, the President has been disingenuous, and misrepresents facts about the law, without delivering moral strength to his viewpoint (there are moral aspects to both sides of this problem, but the legal aspects are tautological when dealing with illegal persons). This, unfortunately, is what one comes to expect from him. Negative social impacts of illegals on the US situation are sometimes exaggerated, but given present employment-economic conditions, is it truly moral to let the poor of our own citizenry suffer? They, as well as legal immigrant hopefuls, are the ones to bear the brunt of porous immigration policy. enforcement.

  6. : so I guess what you guys are saying is that it is ok to racially profile people. I don’t think its right for people to be stopped just because a police officer “thinks you fit the profile” the profile being non occasion and being able to speak a language other then English. I love this country and one day hope to become a citizen, but I can honestly say this law would be a mistake. This country was founded on the idea that everyone was created equal was it not?. Asking every one to carry around papers to prove they can be somewhere sounds a little like apartheid and the little black books, African Americans had to carry around, and that system obviously didn’t work. Oh and as for Obama he has done a grate job cleaning up the mess he was left with from the pervious administration. And saying he is illegal himself is not only a cheap shot, but an ignorant one as well.

  7. Well. Permanent Resident, I would think that since “This country was founded on the idea that everyone was created equal was it not?”, then everyone should EQUALLY OBEY THE LAW!
    I have to carry ID with me – others don’t??? People are not stopped because a police officer “thinks you fit the profile.” People are stopped because they have violated THE LAW!

  8. @J.J Jones

    This law would allow police officers to stop people who they think could be illegal a.k.a “people who fit the profile” I don’t think that’s rights. That violates our civil liberties. If you stop people based on the assumption that they are illegal, that leads to racial profiling. The profile they are looking for is exactly what I said earlier, and that would mean I would fit it, I’m brown and speak a language other then English. However I’m not illegal. This system is not going to work

  9. All these problems could be solved if the Federal Government would just ENFORCE the damn laws and free this Country of the illegal aliens. Enough is enough! GEEEEZ!

  10. So far the only thing we see is back and for about the issue. Instead we work together NO it’s easier to judge people. If we stop and start to work together as one nation, this problem will be resolved. For those who has criminal records, (I’m sorry), but I don’t think we want them here, but in another hand who are here trying a better life and wants to follow our laws, should have a chance to because register in our country. Those 11 million or more can’t do nothing until the government open a new law. It’s impossible to send back 11 million people. Be real, we are in period in our economy that we can’t do this. If a law is open and those people pay a fee our country can rescue some money that we lost in the last President administration. Don’t forget. Mr. President Obama took the office in Washington we have already a big mess……

  11. delaware bob: Building a wall and shutting out people who don’t fit you exclusive group is not the answer.

  12. ton: I agree with some of what you are saying, if they have a serious criminal record then they should have to face the consequences just like anyone else would have to, however many are only here to better their families lives. They want to make sure their families have their basic needs and provide their children with a good education. I’m sure that’s what most people want to do, make sure their families have what they need.

  13. @Permanent Resident

    You have missed the point completely. The law does NOT allow the police to stop people they “think” may be illegal. Those people have to have done something wrong, i.e. broken the law. You are here legally, Welcome. Those who aren’t here legally don’t respect our laws and chances are, they will continue to break our laws and will get arrested.

  14. Permanent Resident: Everyone wants to make sure their families have what they need including a good education. But why should American and Legal Immigrant families be sacrificed so millions of ILLEGALS can better their lives at our expense???? That’s not justice.

  15. First of all, Brewer did not make a mess, Obama has tried to make a mess out of all of this but not succeeded. Secondly, it’s Arizonans not Arizonians, and we do not need some leftist journalist telling us what we want an need in our state. We are tired of taking it in the ass so people like you can feel comfortable keeping immigration on a back burner. We are being run out of our homes, our places of business, even our churches. Our taxes and insurance rates are sky high to pay for this invasion. We cannot take it anymore literally! Brewer did the right thing, Pearce did the right thing and Arpaio is doing the right thing by the people of this state. If the federal government is going to continue to abandon us, the least they can do is get the hell outta the way!!!!

  16. Permanent Resident: Yes, building a wall to keep foreigners out of our country is the right of every nation. It has nothing to do with whether or not people fit into a certain group, other than law breakers. And tell me why I have to pay thousands each year in taxes to provide those children with that good education when they are not even citizens??? It is one thing to pay taxes to provide AMERICAN children with an education, but I do not owe it to every parent that sneaks over the border to better their family. I want to better my family, but I continue to get hounded with higher taxes, higher health care costs and higher insurance rates. How is this fair to me?

  17. NOT GENUINE? It is Obama that is NOT GENUINE. Not a genuine leader of real American models and probably not a genuine President without a GENUINE Birth Certificate.

  18. @ J.J Jones

    “The law mandates that officers stop everyone who they suspect is an illegal immigrant and ask for ID. There’s no need for an additional offense,” meaning if they fit the profile, I don’t know how much clearer I can make this point. I’m sorry but I can’t agree with the point that they are stealing money from us, they work just as hard if not harder then most people for way less money. The Jobs that they do are the jobs that so called “Americans” think they are above doing. Picking fruits and hard labor garden work for less then minimum wage. I don’t disagree with the idea of immigration reform, just the idea of closing off the border and becoming an exclusive country. Why cant we have an open border system like the European countries do? It would work the same way as if you were to go to Mexico…all you would have to do is show your passport and you are allowed in. instead of spending tones of money trying to fight for a green card just to be denied countless times. I’ve seen first had how hard it is to get into this country and trust me if you were put through it you would have a much better understanding. The one thing I think most people have forgotten is this country was built on the backs of immigrants that people say this country is so amazing because we are a melting pot.

    And as for allowing officers to question people for their papers as I said earlier it sounds like apartheid and the little black books African Americans had to carry around, and also like communist Russia. Both systems we did not approve of. Right?

    One last thing even if you don’t agree with the parents of illegal immigrants to move here do you think it ok to punish the children and deny them an education. Its not their fault after all.

  19. @Josie

    Building walls has not helped solve the problem at had, and saying you only want to provide citizens with an education, makes me wonder if in your opinion I’m not entitled to an education? I am here legally; however I am not a citizen. European countries have an open border system and it works for them. No walls needed. And saying this not about the exclusiveness of the country, but then saying a wall to keep foreigners out is the right of every nation, makes it sound as if you like he idea of an exclusive country.

  20. first off . this is a good article, so stop hating on it. second, If you think w/e policy goes on within the next 100 years will change immigration, then you have never been in a hisory class. humans have been migrating since the begging of time and no paper now is going to stop that pattern. yes, you can restricted, but lets be real here. And instead of leaving angry posts were you dont have to show your face, i suggest if your really angry at obama, illegals, the us and yourself, i suggest you do something about it rather than just write a stupid comment.

  21. The only thing that will solve this problem of illegal immigration is to have something implemented that makes it impossible for employers to hire people that are not legally in this country. also employers need to suffer severe penalties if there caught employing illegals. if illegals cannot find work they will self deport.

  22. permenent resident, that is only for eu member countries, the eu is largely operating as one country, if you think they do not enforce immigration from non eu people you are sadly mistaken

  23. @ Chris

    Well all I can tell you is when my father was there in the early 70’s, before the EU had formed and every nation was its own, traveling was still not a problem all he needed was a valid passport an he was allowed to travel freely about Europe, and my friend who lives in Europe says she can pretty much travel about freely, she has to show a valid passport and there are check points, but it works as if we were to go to Mexico. my aunt who has tried for years (5) to get a visa to simply visit us in the U.S still has not been allowed to come, even though we have sent letters and had friends send letters inviting her to come visit and we have also stated countless times that we would pay for her plain ticket and everything, showing proof of our income. She has even showed bank statements proving she had enough money to support herself. The point is all this didn’t matter. They still denied her the right to come see her family. We tried once more this year so that she could come see me graduate from high school, which for my family is a big deal, once more she was denied. The immigration system needs to be reformed and I’m not against that just against walls and racial profiling. And as for people who say they only want American citizens given a good education, all I can do is remind them that, America is a continent and not a country. We are the “united states of America” not “the America.” The last point I have to make is my aunt who has tried for years to come visit us in the U.S, just last summer went to go visit friends in Canada, with out being denied countless times. Our immigration system is broken but the Arizona law and building a wall will not fix it. Do you really want the country known as the melting pot to become an exclusive country ?

  24. why do people think that these people are taking away your jobs, your homes, your contry!!!
    if the job was open and they got it before you, was because they fight for it, because they try to make a better life!!
    if you are so mad about them getting your jobs, then stop hiring them to cut YOUR grass, to clean YOUR homes, to bring the fruits and vegetables that YOU are eating in your table,
    because how i see it, you guys complaint about them taking your jobs, but they are honest jobs that you are not willing to do.
    plus, like any other nationality, these immigrants have BAD and GOOD people, the problem is that we do not realize that whites commit more of the serious crimes, while these minorities do the minor ones but the more popular because of the media, like steling and gang groups.
    i am aware that in arizona these immigrants are the ones that do most of these crimes, but haven’t you stop to think that they are not the minority anymore, that they are always going to be in a higher percentage of crimes because they are the low and middle class from that area.
    go to a state where whites are the low and middle classes, should we kick them out, just cause they have a higher rate in crimes then immigrants.
    think about this:

  25. This article must have been written by someone who is not an American. I am SO sick and tired of the criminals and the
    From now on, if someone gets pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, maybe they should refuse to show their license, which is their IDENTIFICATION. Because, you know, they are being profiled for suspicion of drunk driving. It is an infringement of their rights to pull them over and check.

    The wrong people are being defended anymore. In case you are not aware, we are not a socialist country. The federal government is not supposed to have this kind of power that it seems to think it is entitled too. It doesn’t work that way. Look up sovereignty.
    States are supposed to have more power.

    Obama saying Jan Brewer is “just trying to make a name for herself” is the biggest load of CRAP that I have ever heard. THERE ARE PLACES THAT YOU CANNOT EVEN GO TO IN ARIZONA BECAUSE IT IS SO DANGEROUS FROM ILLEGAL DRUG CARTELS. This problem is beyond financial.

    Obama is the biggest joke ever played on the American People. HE has done nothing but divide and destruct. Any fool can see that.

    For those of you who are so wiling to keep supporting all of these illegals, (no, I will never say “undocumented” BS) where does it end? If you just look at the financial WE CANNOT AFFORD IT. Basic. I can feed my family, but I can’t invite an extra 10 people to dinner every night even if I want to be nice. The country is bankrupt. We are fighting tax cuts and benefits for people WHO PAY INTO THE SYSTEM because we cannot afford to support everybody.

    If illegals are tired of being illegals and “profiled” DO THE FREAKIN paperwork, and pay your taxes. But why should they? They can’t get arrested, and if they do, they get released. What is the incentive? Why pay taxes if you can work under the table, and have your wife collect welfare for you and all your kids. Then ship half your money back home while we pay to send your kids to college?

    The Americans who originally came here illegally that everyone always wants to point out so quickly did became legal. Illegal immigration is an insult to the people who follow the rules.

    I am sick and tired of this bleeding heart support everyone but the hard working American that pays their taxes and believes in God. Since when are we the bad people?

  26. “They just want to better their life.” Please include your address and bank account numbers so they can move in and share in your money. They just want a better life, so do not recognize laws and borders. If you support that you are saying that your home and money are theirs to share.
    This country is my home and my tax dollars are my money. My dad was an immigrant and my mother’s parents were; but they followed the laws and immigrated legally, then found legal work – coal miners. The pay was low the work was dangerous, but that is what they did and they never received tax payer money’ social security, Medicare, Medicaid, free education, food, housing…and thanks to Ted Kennedy and other democrats like Obama it goes on and on. And at least two Border Patrol agents are serving time in jail because they shot a drug runner trying to flee. The drug runner was brought back from Mexico and given immunity so he could testify against the officers for “violating his civil rights.” Whose country is this, anyway? It sure as hell is not the Mexicans or our governments; it is ours and it is time we took it back from those who are only buying future democrat votes in order to create a socialist country where they are the ruling class.
    And the person who wrote it is right – quit hiring them because you think they are cheaper. Let one of them get hurt working for you and guess who will be awarded damages by the court.

  27. people get real, illegal people in the country is making the country better not worst, okay they cost tax payers a lot and thats understood but at the sametime they have helped to built this country and have also taken jobs that a us citizen would not dare to take. Some illegal immigrants have come to the country and have not done anything but ruin the country and that is wrong totally but what about the others that have came to the country to make a better life for themself and there families, or the kids who don’t know anything else but the united states and even though they weren’t born here they arrived here at a young age and the united states is all they know. I believe if someone isn’t doing something wrong then there is no reason to stop them and ask them for identification, that should only happen to criminals in my opinion. Your best friend, neighbor, boyfriend or your childs friend or your childs parents friends could be an illegal immigrant and who don’t even know it but you wouldn’t think they are illegal because they have a steady job and is abiding by the laws of the united states. Keep in mind that illegal people are everyday people who pass on the streets or on the bus and they mean you no harm all they are trying to do is make better for themselves, think what if you were an illegal immigrant would you want to be treated like a criminal when you walk on the streets or would you want to be treated like an average joe as everyone else when walking the streets of the state who choose to live in.DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU

  28. well i go for what that person is saying we all need to see that familys are being tron apart for nothing i just hope god hleps thoes people 🙂

  29. and one day hope they don’t go for what us the mexcans have to go throw just to better are life we come all the way from differnt palces for nothing we end up loseing family and stuff. all are dreams are going down but nope not mine i’m wishing upon a sart and to god asking him that one day people can open there eyes and see whats going on with the world if people say its a free country then let us be free!!!!!

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