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March 22, 2023

99er’s Exhausting Unemployment Benefits, No One To Blame But Themselves

Job openings still seem to be there.

Job openings still seem to be there.

The Current Job Situation In America

A funny thing has been happening in the United States. President Barack Obama and Congress have worked for the last two years to get as many jobs available to Americans as they can.

For nearly a year, every month has seen a notable growth in job creation. However, the unemployment rate has remained stagnant.

When the rate fell from 9.6% to 9.4% last month, the reason was not that more jobs were taken, but that citizens exhausted their benefits and simply were no longer counted due to no longer searching for work.

And THAT is the problem with the unemployment situation in the United States.

The jobs are there. Over one million jobs have been added in the last year in various industries in the United States. Jobs have been created from high-level corporate jobs to working for minimum wage and in factories. Regardless of education level, there is a job out there that would accept you if you’re smart about it.

For every American that has taken advantage of the opportunities created by President Obama and Congress, there are a few who have just sat at home and waited on the unemployment benefit checks to come in the mail.

The System Is Fine

The system should not be knocked, as it is as good as it can be. It’s unreasonable to demand that every single person on unemployment be thoroughly inspected often enough and closely enough to make sure they are not abusing the system. The unfortunate fact is that while some are truly thankful for the assistance from the government and are using it as an opportunity to get back in the workforce, there are those who realized they could just sit at home, reduce their standard of living a little bit, and just collect a check.

The truth of the matter is that jobs are out there and they are abundant. At the end of 2010, areas like the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, Baltimore, San Jose, Cleveland, Boston, Seattle, Austin, Denver, Charlotte, Atlanta, and other big cities had around 100 job listings for every 1,000 people in the area. San Jose topped the list with 162 job openings for every 1,000 people. Other cities like New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh had just under 50 job openings for every 1,000 people. (See job map.)

How can people possibly claim that there simply are no jobs for them when over one million jobs were created in the last year on top of the job openings that were already there? Especially the 99ers who have already collected 99 weeks of unemployment and recently held a candlelight vigil because they didn’t get an additional 13 months. Boohoo! Fix up your resumes, improve your skillset, read some books, learn proper punctuation and get a job like everyone else.

If the 99ers want to continue collecting money for over 99 weeks, guess what? It’s no longer called unemployment. It’s called welfare.

How Hard Are 99ers Really Trying?

The truth of the matter is while it is reasonable that in smaller cities and less populated areas, jobs are scarce and the need for unemployment benefits are really there. But for most of the men and women collecting unemployment benefits, there’s a good chance they’re abusing the system.

A reasonable amount of unemployment time is understandable but where do these brash 99ers get off feeling a sense of entitlement that everyone should pool their tax dollars and just hand them to a 99er while they sit at home feeling sorry for themselves while making little effort to improve their own situation.

Now, maybe someone who used to make $200,000 a year can’t find a job paying quite as much, but at a time of true desperation, what’s stopping that person from working at the local mall or restaurant?

Then there are those who are simply going about things wrong.

Mistakes The Unemployed Make

One common mistake is sending the wrong message with a poorly constructed resume. Many 99er’s are aiming for jobs and turning in resumes with spelling and grammar errors (yes I’ve talked to many 99ers and about 99% of them don’t know how to spell or use proper punctuation).  This brings up the question, “would you hire someone like that?”  And better yet “how much do you really want this job if you won’t even go over your resume?

Other issues include people sending out generic resumes and not targeting their resume towards the company they are applying for. This is common sense and all part of trying to present yourself in the best possible light to get a job. Some people also choose to lie on their resumes and are simply unprofessional by being informal and not being punctual.

In short, many who are currently collecting unemployment benefits and are complaining that they can’t find a job are the ones to blame.

There are simply too many 99er’s who are either abusing the system or just doing a bad job of applying for jobs.

One year ago it was understandable that it was difficult to find a job, but over the course of 99 weeks, which is just under two years, how can one explain not being able to find a job?

While some of the 99er’s may have legitimate reasons, for most, can they honestly say that after almost two years of government assistance during which they did not work that they honestly need another 13 months because they truly cannot land one of the over one million jobs out there?

Industry Employment Trends via Wow job growth!
Chart research displays jobs exist... amazing!

50 Comments on 99er’s Exhausting Unemployment Benefits, No One To Blame But Themselves


  2. causeican

    your a stalker is that what you are, oh yeah, total insomniac here, it happens, and yes I really cared for the uff members, you get all caught up in caring for people when they are going through a difficult time. This was a good caring group of people, point you choose to miss about all of this is.

    There are not many jobs to apply for, There is a lot of time in between, so people bonded over the difficult times. You can make them or me look bad here, so what. Many people from UFF have made good friends and connections, that will help them to move forward. and gain employment, not one of the people I chatted with there on UFF did not want to work, everyone even the retirees where either volunteering, or looking for work as well. PLEASE Identify yourself if you are so bold?

  3. MOBS – Ignore these meaningless pieces of shit and get out of here. Let them get their rocks off on other people’s misery. As long as we keep commenting here and on UF, we give them something to talk about. Let them have their fun, it just proves their lives are sorrier than ours.

  4. ok, I don’t want people impersonating me and saying things to hurt others there, I didn’t want my FRIENDS to think I said anything about them, especially during this difficult time. Just know I just read all of this and I commented today, not before.

  5. Comment all you want Mobilesystems. You don’t have to say anything about your friends. We already know how they are, and so do you. So, no need to talk about your friends. 🙂
    As for you….. sleepy head….. what time did you go job hunting today? How about yesterday? I figured you didn’t. I am also assuming that YOU will not be looking tomorrow either. Ya know with your late nights and long mornings in bed, there isn’t time for job searching IN THE REAL WORLD. Not for you or your lazy blog friends on U.E.F.F.

    When your in the soup lines, I’ll be cashing my paycheck. See ya around! NOT—

  6. As for you 99er and proud to be a survivor… haha that is just too funny. Your chosen name. What a loser. You keep bringing your MISERY to our board, it’s our ball game now sucker! Keep em coming. The more the merrier. You just can’t get enough TRUTH and I am loving all the attention I am getting. GIVE ME MORE GIVE ME MORE!

    GET A JOB!

  7. Straight from the latimesblogs in the most recent news about the HANDOUT they may OR MAY NOT GET SOON!

    Author — ME — HAHA

    I really think there needs to be a STOP to unemployment benefits. ENTIRELY! Someone once said ” You can milk a cow only so long till she’s all dried up”. I believe in my heart that there are jobs to be had. Sure, not paying what you are used to. But read other board folks…. They refuse 8.00 per hour jobs because they have six months left to collect U.I. And maybe even another 14 weeks if this extension is passed. Most say they have no reason to get up early or go to bed early. Most say they take sleeping pills and/or some other habit forming stimulant to allow them to sleep as long as possible. Most say the have given up on finding suitable work. “Suitable” was the exact word. Some say they get up and rush to their favorite blog each day to see what they missed while they were asleep. And I am sure everyone has heard this before… I’ve Emailed, Faxed, etc…. 100’s per week. And still nothing. !! Are you serious.?

    We need CONTROLLED HANDOUTS! If handouts must be given! This does NOT only include Unemployment. But also welfare checks, food stamps, low income housing, or anything resulting in Goverment Spending to Aid Low Or No Income Families!

    Enough Said!

    Posted by: Mark in Tennessee | February 08, 2011 at 04:40 PM

  8. As of last week, my husband and I became 99ers at the ages of 50 and 51. We both are degreed, professional people that have traveled from state to state to find work. Resume? The fool that wrote this article would be proud to have resumes such as ours. He is clueless.

    Pat yourself on the back. It takes a special kind of person to kick a man when he’s down.

  9. Mark,

    The reason many unemployed people are posting at all hours of the night is due to being unable to sleep. Extreme depression and anxiety does that to a person. As hateful as you are, I pray you never experience what our lives have been the last 99 weeks.

  10. All I can say to all you naysayers. There are not enough jobs to be had for the unemployed people. They need to keep extensions going for the Unemployed American people until every single one of them finds a a job!

    God Bless all the Unemployed and he will!

  11. Well wonder if any whiney whinners will find a job today !

    Oh wait i almost forgot , they’ll be watching cspan to see if they get 14 more weeks of FREELOADING !

    I know a few of them are and have been cring about more weeks , funny thing is they are still collecting money now !

  12. Up and adam whinnies , get off your asses hit the streets and actually look for a job !
    Who knows you just might (OMG) find a job !!!!!!!

  13. @Mobilesystems

    No causeican is not that girl, *I* am! I don’t need to use your site as a dating site, I got everything I need — a HUSBAND, a BIG DADDY down in Florida AND mostly importantly, A JOB!

    I know you really wanted me, but you just don’t have the right equipment.

    Sorry you’re life can’t be as charmed as mine, it is very sad and I’ll pray for you.

  14. @Mobilesystems

    No causeican isn’t that girl, *I* am! I don’t need to use your site for a dating site — I have everything I need, a HUSBAND, a BIG DADDY down in Florida to protect me and most importantly — A JOB!

  15. I know you wanted it to be you, but you just don’t have the right equipment.

    I’m sorry your life isn’t as charmed as mine, but I will pray for your health and sanity.

  16. Most of the longtime whiners are self destructive and ue friendless enables them to continue on this path. They have wallowed so long in their misery that it seems they are no longer motivated to work, they just are looking for the next handout — this has become their life’s mission. This is why they are such an easy target now, this country wants doers and successful people, not whiners and people who like playing the victim and milking it for all they can. Do you know how bad this mentality looks to the rest of this country…who cares how bad you feel.

  17. The ue friendless have already called you out Mobilesystems as a fraud. They trust no one over there just as they should. That place will ruin your life even more than it is now.

  18. Many more just like this piece of thing , was going to say work but it doesnt know the word ! LMAO

    The ue friendless have already called you out Mobilesystems as a fraud. They trust no one over there just as they should. That place will ruin your life even more than it is now

    love it ….

  19. Another ue friendless pity party quote:

    “I have been blessed with a few family members that have been helping us pay them month to month, but how much more can they help? i feel like such a failure….”

    Why in the f are you continuing to comment and whine to people that absolutely can do nothing for you? Unless you are in asia or europe, right now is the prime of the day for job searching, but you deadbeats are so caught up in the extension of handouts that you have paralyzed yourselves to the point you can’t do anything but play around on the internet…and may I add not getting paid for any of it.

  20. @Butch – maybe if she paid closer attention to the brat, he wouldn’t have broken his first one. Guess they are too busy chatting up a storm on the internet. Child neglect is what it is. Wonder if she has a gun like that jessica on uf friendless?

  21. The ue friendless just run one of their longtime deadbeats off…man they are prickly and super sensitive over there. I’ve said it before, that creepy little site will keep you down and ruin your life. They are very cautious what they post right now…and they should be. That site will go bye bye very soon and I for one will be more than glad to help in that effort.

  22. Don’t go out and spend all of your handout yet gang, hold off on getting the kiddies new cell phones or a new bag at macys. Thanks ue friendless for the links to that lame announcement. All they said really was they know who you are and they feel you. Spin it anyway you’d like, spin it until you twist your asses in the ground. The bottom line is this will fail like all of the others. One thing — you are getting used to this drill aren’t you?

  23. Yeah ,i’m here to help you any way i can ! These people dont even know all they type on that site is being logged by goggle!

    I think they lost more than that yesterday !

  24. You gotta love this ……LMAO

    People were saying that a bunch of people were upset on the daily check in last night because of some blog. Why would people leave this site because of some blog on some other site upsetting them? I’m just curious. I didn’t see what happened and I hope the members decide to come back


  25. i thought this comment section was suppose to be to comment on the fact-less article? I think this site needs better moderation. seems like nothing but a witch hunt. you are being used by disgruntled people. no intelligent conversation here i guess…see ya!

  26. I posted this today on LATIMES


    I don’t believe the unemployed or underemployed should receive anymore money from our Government. I don’t believe any more monies should be given to third world countries either. Nor should we allow third world countries to ship goods here to be sold. I also don’t believe that we should allow illegal aliens to work anywhere in the U.S. That includes panhandling . I don’t think we should allow ANYMORE illegals here period. And I do think we should kick out EVERY SINGLE NON-AMERICAN person here. PERIOD!I believe that if you were born in the U.S. but your parents or even one of them are an illegal alien or here from another country, it’s time for you all to leave! Go back home. The United States is OVER POPULATED as it is now. Way OVER POPULATED. Which brings me to this point. I believe the GOVERNMENT should somehow control births. Such as a chip in the babies that allow them to produce ONE CHILD ONLY! How’s that for control.? Imagine in 50 years how many people then would be on unemployment or just flat out unemployed. I doubt very many if any! At that time I bet job requirements will be minimum and they will be begging for employees. Get the picture? There is far too much breeding going on. Far too many NON-AMERICAN people here.

    I also believe if our Government TAXED THE HECK OUT OF THE COMPANIES THAT OUTSOURCED then they would be forced to come back. Or just don’t allow anything to be brought into our country for resell PERIOD. Do that and I guarantee those companies will come crawling back. With an apology and huge benefits for employees.

    STOP WELFARE, STOP UNEMPLOYMENT beyond the normal 26 weeks, STOP welfare housing, STOP allowing women and men to breed like wild animals, STOP allowing aliens in our country. STOP allowing Non-American made products across the borders. STOP giving our money to third world countries. GET all the illegals and UnAmerican’s OUT of our JOBS. STOP all the madness and watch our country become united again!

    Posted by: Mark in Tennessee | February 09, 2011 at 11:17 AM

    Oh yeah! One more thing to all you Obama Blamers…… He didn’t cause this mess, not entirely alone. He stepped into this pile of dodo and it was a huge pile. I don’t blame him at all. He has only very little to work with. And you couldn’t do a better job yourself with the cards that was dealt to him. I commend him on the great Job his has done thus far. But I don’t think he kept all his promises made, but what President ever did?

    Posted by: Mark in Tennessee | February 09, 2011 at 11:21 AM

  27. There is another post I did, when it’s finished being moderated I will post it. I was long winded today. Got up for a drink and thought I would check in. lol


  28. by jessicamsa Today at 14:37

    I can never get a job. No one will ever hire me. This has been evidenced by fifteen years without a job. Except for Wal-mart, I have zero job history whatsoever. I cannot put Wal-mart down as work history, making it 17 years without a job. There is zero chance an employer is going to suddenly hire after all these years of my applying and their denying over and over again. God never ever provided the means for me to even financially provide for myself or my child. I prayed in Jesus name over and over again. It’s not His will, obviously or it would’ve happened by now.

    It’s not God’s will. Don’t blame the creater. Blame the abuser. You cannot say you didn’t work all those years and now God Won’t give you a job. You snooze you lose is what I was always told.

  29. Its MRGOLF and desperateinri


    Roger is almost back to 100%. He and Gracie have a stray cat stranded in a tree right now. Cappy doesn’t seem to be that interested

    Glad to hear Roger is better. When the cat comes out of the tree, send it to me. If it fits under the seat on Southwest Airlines, it can fly free. .

  30. causeican, it is true, bags fly free. Maybe you can get a free trip somewhere, you should inquire.

  31. They are building a new DIKE on the west coast. Maybe it will eat at the Y


    Stop talking about C the cu#t like that …. lmao

  32. Hey failures at ue friendless. You claim you can “scare off” any “troll”. You’re even proud to make that false claim. We have successfully lessened the whining from that site and have also forced you to make some changes which seem to be an inconvenience to your people. Its not called scaring off when you don’t allow the opposition to confront you. I would think by now you people would have enough problems, stop provoking others.

  33. OMG causeican, you’re on a roll.

    It’s funny that Mobilesystems thought you were that girl, when that girl is actually me.

    I did use it as a dating site, and got my man! Now, I have two.

    Hi Mark! Hi Sebastian! 🙂

  34. Hey Sebastian, they can’t keep everyone off that site. And why would they want to if they have nothing to hide?

    I’m still a registered user, in spite of their efforts to keep me off their site. LOL

  35. why dont you confront the posters whos comments you are cowardly posting here? funny how you randomly grab a post from another site, then rank on it here instead of having the balls to reply to the post DIRECTLY. but hey, what ever makes you feel like a man. sick, sick people here. the reason the site is changing isnt because of you, its to better handle the flow of traffic on the site. after all, the site reached over 10k members recently. Funny how paladanette makes a rude comment about the site then suddenly all of her cronies who cant think for themselves come out and start cackling. you are a bunch of cackling hens. dont you all have jobs?

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