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September 24, 2023

Apple Makes More History, Becomes Most Valuable Company in History

This week, Apple’s success over the last decade paid off in the form of a new title. That title is the most valuable, not private, company in history. In less than twelve years, Apple has gone from an eight billion dollar company to a 623.5 billion dollar company. With inventions like the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and all of their computers, Apple has overtaken the technological world in the last decade.

To put the company’s growth into perspective, at the very end of 1999, Microsoft was the technological king with a value of 618.9 billion dollars. In the time since, Apple went from being that computer company with those old bulky computers from the 1980’s to being the undisputed king.


That number may sound devilish, but what it actually is, is historic. 666.15 dollars is the price per share of Apple stock. The company stock is rising with the new iPhone 5 coming out in just weeks and the mini iPad rumors swirling around the tech world. Then there is the cherry on top. The Apple TV reports are increasing the value of the company, as well.

The growth of Apple is extremely impressive. In 2004, Apple was not even worth ten billion dollars. In 2009, Apple was only worth one hundred billion dollars. The value of Apple has grown over 62 times its value in the last eight years and over 6 times its value in the last three years.


Apple is the king of the tech world, but might as well be called the King Midas of the tech world. Everything Apple releases turns to gold. The iPod, iPad, iMac, MacBook, and iPhone are each worth billions and have made the company so much money, they would need to hire a full staff of employees just to keep track of the profit.

Apple is going to be the highest selling tech company is history shortly. In terms of profit, the money Apple made in the final quarter of 2011 is the second most any single company has made in one quarter other than ExxonMobil made at the oil price peak in 2008.

In the last 9 months alone, the value of Apple has practically doubled and the value of their stock has grown 64%.

The Future

Apple is not even close to its peak. Apple TV could take the company to new heights. A mini iPad could completely monopolize the tablet market. Growing memory and storage on Apple computers is leading to the computers being the top pick of students and the working class all over the country. And let us not forget the numerous rumors of various new products to hit the market over the next few years. For all we know, Apple will bring out new products that will make the iPhone and iPad look like children’s toys.

Of course the critics have come out and pointed out that if inflation is accounted for, Microsoft’s value in 1999 would today be approximately $851 billion. But based on the pace of growth Apple is showing, by the end of 2013, not only would Apple have surpassed that peak, but also it might be closing in on being the first ever public company in the world to be valued at over one trillion dollars.

The Competition

Many like to point out that there are not only comparable phones, but also arguably better phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. Others say that Apple computers are inferior or that tablets from Amazon and Google are more affordable.

However, the market is dwindling. BlackBerry phones appear to be disappearing. The Zune did die. And despite whatever successes other companies may be enjoying, no one is succeeding more than Apple and making more consistent profit than the company made famous by Steve Jobs.

Apple is the king of the tech world. There is no question about it. The Samsung Galaxy S3 might be a better phone. Amazon might provide cheaper tablets. The TV industry is already dominated by others. But no one is so great at so many different things other than Apple. Baring a collapse, a scandal, or unprecedented competition, Apple’s seat on top of the world is only going to get higher and higher.

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