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August 18, 2022

Casey Anthony Finishes Probation, Now a Free Woman

After months of silence, Casey Anthony’s name is back in the headlines. As of today, Anthony has finished serving her probation. Now, many of you might be thinking back and saying “Wait a minute, she wasn’t convicted of murdering her daughter. How did she get probation?”

Well, this probation stems from her conviction for check fraud one year ago. Anthony has not been inside of a jail cell for over a year, but she has had to adhere to the terms of her probation. Her lawyer has said that she has fully gone along with all of the terms listed in her probation. Anthony has basically been forced to stay in the same relative location for the past year in order to fully satisfy her probation terms.

Caylee Anthony

But that is not why we remember Casey Anthony. That is not why many of you think of her with a heart full of hate. Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder last summer. The charges claimed that Anthony killed her very own two-year-old daughter, Caylee. It was after this acquittal that a Florida judge handed down a probation sentencing to her for her 2010 check fraud charges.

Ever since her acquittal, the name Casey Anthony has not been heard very much. She essentially disappeared from the public limelight since last summer. But this is not because no one wants to hear from her. Talk show hosts and new anchors would love to speak with her to see what she has to say and what explanations for her daughter’s death she would have one year later.

Over the last year, the few times we heard from her came from a video and one phone call with Piers Morgan. She has been in Florida, but no one knows exactly where in Florida.

What’s next for Casey Anthony?

For the last year, Anthony has not had a job. Her probation reports say that she has not been employed since we last heard of her. Thus, it is questionable how she is paying for her bills and essentials. Most likely she has some people close to her that are taking care of her.

Many have speculated that she would have a tell-all book, movie, or at the very least sell the rights to her story to someone for millions. After all, even OJ Simpson wrote a tell-all book for a lot of money.

Anthony’s lawyer has said that there are things that Anthony wants to say to the public, but the time is just not right at the moment, but if things change and she feels more comfortable, she will come forward and say what she has been keeping to herself.

For the time being, Anthony’s safety must be taken into account. Very recently she was still one of the most hated people in the country. Many people would not listen to what she has to say today. No matter what she says, how she says it, or what points she makes, the fact is the majority of people have already formed opinions on her and will not be receptive of anything that comes out of her mouth.

When will she resurface?

The chase for Casey Anthony is old. People who hate her, people she knows, and the media have been looking for her all year. The truth is she cannot get a job. She cannot come to the public eye. Her safety is at risk and most likely will be for a very long time.

With her probation over, she does have more ability to control her life. She can move to a new location and make more decisions about what comes next for her.

Anthony has many options. She can leave the state of Florida since so many know she is there. She can leave the country if she wants to. She could also change her name and try to start over somewhere in the United States. But it is not over yet for her.

She could still be sued by people she spoke of during the investigations over her daughter’s death. She claimed a babysitter stole the child first. She also attempted to incriminate others.

But regardless, this is a turning point for Casey Anthony. A few doors have just opened up for her. But with her name and her past, what options does she really have?

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