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August 10, 2022

iPhone 5 Announced, iPhone No Longer Best Phone in America

Apple fans rejoice. In what has become to feel like a mini holiday, the annual fall update of the newest iPhone has been announced. On September 12th, the iPhone 5 is expected to be announced and consumers will be able to finally see the next step in the evolution of the popular phone.

Apple officials have yet to make any official announcement, but reports indicate that on September 12th Apple is holding a special event. Much like other major Apple announcements in the past, this falls on a Wednesday. It is expected that on this day the new iPhone 5 will finally be revealed to the world. Some inside sources are also reporting that the phone will hit stores and be available for consumers just nine days later.

Early Update

A September release for the iPhone 5 would come only eleven months after the iPhone 4S hit stores last year. Typically Apple tries to make their releases every twelve months, but the iPhone has been the exception. For instance, the iPhone 4 came out sixteen months before the iPhone 4S.

Some are speculating that the rumored Mini iPad is also going to be announced on the 12th of September. Many experts have been expecting Apple to bring in a smaller version of the popular iPad to rival the popular smaller tablets by Amazon and Google. The fuel running the rumor mill for the iPhone 5 is far greater than it is for the Mini iPad, but knowing Apple’s competitiveness, never say never.

New Features and Improvements

The most expected new feature is going to be the bigger screen size. The Samsung Galaxy S3, arguably the biggest competitor to the iPhone, has a large screen that users love. In comparison, the iPhone screen is tiny, so it must be increased at least a little.

The rumor is that the screen will be 4 inches. It is also reported that the dock connector is going to decrease in size. And something those with butterfingers might be happy to hear about, the phone is expected to be made of stronger materials so that cracks and any breakage would be less likely.

Need for a Change

In the time since the iPhone 4S came out, something interesting happened. Android phones have caught up. For years, the time between iPhone’s saw Android phones slightly improve and try to be like the iPhone. Now, arguably, the Samsung Galaxy S3, an Android phone, has surpassed the iPhone 4S.

According to some experts and many user reviews, the iPhone, right now, is not the best phone in America. To be fair, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was released a good seven months after the iPhone 4S so it had plenty of time to look at the newest iPhone and one-up it. According to most, it did.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a larger screen, a better pixilated screen, more power, a better camera, and countless features. The only knocks on the phone are that it might be a little too large for some and that its version of Siri has proven to not be as developed as previously expected.

Can the iPhone 5 Recapture the Crown of Best Phone in America?

Yes, of course. If Apple has proven anything to the world it is that it is definitely the leader of the pack. The iPhone has a better track record than any other phone. The iPhone has reigned supreme as competitors like the BlackBerry have fallen hard. The iPhone 5 is more than likely going to far surpass the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Odds are, for the next few years, unless one side develops features that are completely irresistible that the other cannot match, we are likely going to see Apple and the iPhone take the crown for best phone in America and the world every fall, only to have an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S3 take over in the Spring. It is likely going to be an ongoing cycle.

Apple is continually showing us why they are the best at what they do. It just so happens that due to timing, Android is currently ahead. But come September 12th and nine days after that, Apple is likely going to be at the top spot again. Android phones are great, but there is nothing that can truly step to the Apple iPhone.

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