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August 18, 2022

99er’s Exhausting Unemployment Benefits, No One To Blame But Themselves

Job openings still seem to be there.

Job openings still seem to be there.

The Current Job Situation In America

A funny thing has been happening in the United States. President Barack Obama and Congress have worked for the last two years to get as many jobs available to Americans as they can.

For nearly a year, every month has seen a notable growth in job creation. However, the unemployment rate has remained stagnant.

When the rate fell from 9.6% to 9.4% last month, the reason was not that more jobs were taken, but that citizens exhausted their benefits and simply were no longer counted due to no longer searching for work.

And THAT is the problem with the unemployment situation in the United States.

The jobs are there. Over one million jobs have been added in the last year in various industries in the United States. Jobs have been created from high-level corporate jobs to working for minimum wage and in factories. Regardless of education level, there is a job out there that would accept you if you’re smart about it.

For every American that has taken advantage of the opportunities created by President Obama and Congress, there are a few who have just sat at home and waited on the unemployment benefit checks to come in the mail.

The System Is Fine

The system should not be knocked, as it is as good as it can be. It’s unreasonable to demand that every single person on unemployment be thoroughly inspected often enough and closely enough to make sure they are not abusing the system. The unfortunate fact is that while some are truly thankful for the assistance from the government and are using it as an opportunity to get back in the workforce, there are those who realized they could just sit at home, reduce their standard of living a little bit, and just collect a check.

The truth of the matter is that jobs are out there and they are abundant. At the end of 2010, areas like the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, Baltimore, San Jose, Cleveland, Boston, Seattle, Austin, Denver, Charlotte, Atlanta, and other big cities had around 100 job listings for every 1,000 people in the area. San Jose topped the list with 162 job openings for every 1,000 people. Other cities like New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh had just under 50 job openings for every 1,000 people. (See job map.)

How can people possibly claim that there simply are no jobs for them when over one million jobs were created in the last year on top of the job openings that were already there? Especially the 99ers who have already collected 99 weeks of unemployment and recently held a candlelight vigil because they didn’t get an additional 13 months. Boohoo! Fix up your resumes, improve your skillset, read some books, learn proper punctuation and get a job like everyone else.

If the 99ers want to continue collecting money for over 99 weeks, guess what? It’s no longer called unemployment. It’s called welfare.

How Hard Are 99ers Really Trying?

The truth of the matter is while it is reasonable that in smaller cities and less populated areas, jobs are scarce and the need for unemployment benefits are really there. But for most of the men and women collecting unemployment benefits, there’s a good chance they’re abusing the system.

A reasonable amount of unemployment time is understandable but where do these brash 99ers get off feeling a sense of entitlement that everyone should pool their tax dollars and just hand them to a 99er while they sit at home feeling sorry for themselves while making little effort to improve their own situation.

Now, maybe someone who used to make $200,000 a year can’t find a job paying quite as much, but at a time of true desperation, what’s stopping that person from working at the local mall or restaurant?

Then there are those who are simply going about things wrong.

Mistakes The Unemployed Make

One common mistake is sending the wrong message with a poorly constructed resume. Many 99er’s are aiming for jobs and turning in resumes with spelling and grammar errors (yes I’ve talked to many 99ers and about 99% of them don’t know how to spell or use proper punctuation).  This brings up the question, “would you hire someone like that?”  And better yet “how much do you really want this job if you won’t even go over your resume?

Other issues include people sending out generic resumes and not targeting their resume towards the company they are applying for. This is common sense and all part of trying to present yourself in the best possible light to get a job. Some people also choose to lie on their resumes and are simply unprofessional by being informal and not being punctual.

In short, many who are currently collecting unemployment benefits and are complaining that they can’t find a job are the ones to blame.

There are simply too many 99er’s who are either abusing the system or just doing a bad job of applying for jobs.

One year ago it was understandable that it was difficult to find a job, but over the course of 99 weeks, which is just under two years, how can one explain not being able to find a job?

While some of the 99er’s may have legitimate reasons, for most, can they honestly say that after almost two years of government assistance during which they did not work that they honestly need another 13 months because they truly cannot land one of the over one million jobs out there?

Industry Employment Trends via Wow job growth!
Chart research displays jobs exist... amazing!

50 Comments on 99er’s Exhausting Unemployment Benefits, No One To Blame But Themselves

  1. Yeah really WTF is it with some of those people’s 6000-7000 posts on that ue enabling uf website. Its like they’re proud to be ue or a ninety whiner.

    You are out of excuses and out of time. cya you won’t be missed.

  2. this guy is seriouly uninformed it just represents the lack of knowledge about the economic and the job crisis that this
    administration has

  3. Here are the real facts. There are 26.5 million unemployed and underemployed and 3.2 million online job openings. Even some of the clueless on this thread can see that the number of people who want full times jobs is at 8.28 unemployed/underemployed per job opening. Those are the facts and no matter how you spin it, there are 23.3 million more unemployed/underemployed than job openings. Facts are facts, so don’t blame the unemployed for being unemployed. Blame companies for not hiring, while they receive big tax breaks.

    It’s too bad that most of those who comment here have no understanding of anything beyond how to vote for Dancing with the Stars.

  4. The Unemployed Friends Forum is an absolute JOKE! Those “People” sit there all day, day after freaking day, and hour after hour posting. Just look at the posts count. Some into the thousands. And really? You mean they have time to sit there all day and night posting and posting? That is why they are not EMPLOYED! Their priorities are so mixed up. And if they don’t post enough there then one of their trusty UF friends are trolling other sites looking for links to post to there again post even more posts to other sites. Such as this one.

    They whine! Cry! Boo-hoo all day long about why they want another extension. Notice, I said WANT. Not deserve. I would bet that if they spent nearly as much time OUT IN THE REAL WORLD putting in applications in person as they do online whining and crying then they might have better luck at finding a REAL JOB!

    Yeah and try and say something in that forum even the slightest bit negative towards any one of them. BANNED! Ha! But they can’t keep you out. At least not me. It doesn’t surprise me at all though how LAZY they are. Because if you don’t find them there posting at any given hour, you can somewhere else on the web. And believe me, THEY FOLLOW each other. It’s quite frightening how they all stick together. Why? Because each one are just like the other. 🙂

    Just google trickledownonme. And enjoy all the thousands of posts that person puts up DAILY. All day long. I doubt you’ll find any sites where they actually have resumes either. Such a drag! I can’t stand the unemployed anymore. they don’t deserve anymore money. Not from the government. GET A JOB!

    If you’ve exhausted then you’ve been receiving way too long. Get a clue, get a job!

  5. Oh and One more thing and this is very very VERY IMPORTANT!!!


    It’s NOT easier said than done.

    Seriously I see so many Unemployed women PREGNANT and saying what about me, what about my baby, or my kids or my brood of kids. STOP IT ALREADY!!

    Give the world a break and stop having kids. And that means STOP HAVING SEX!

  6. So I wonder why no one is asking the question that really needs to be answered by the moron that wrote this fiction…
    If there are so many jobs out there????? Why are they not hiring???? You know what you cant…..because your part of the problem….

  7. People get hired everyday. But I’m betting that they are probably not the whiners playing around on the internet. Who are you trying to convince that you’re always out looking for work…you’re the ones that have to survive and feed “your own families”. Oh and by the way those families are your responsibility. The stories of your lives is getting tired and nobody cares. You feeling me?

  8. “Many of us are just a paycheck away from being in the same boat as the 99ers or the unemployed. Not knowing if you can live in your home another month causes many sleepless nights. Looking at your children and worrying about what the future will bring for a warm home and food on the table if the back mortgages aren’t paid can really choke a parent up.”

    This is a real whine! Do you feel better spewing that, now that you just had to get that out?

  9. To those of you that think it is so easy to get a job…. How would you feel if you walked into your job one day expecting to work and were told that you no longer had a job? All of a sudden your life is turned upside down and you are now one of the 15 million people that are unemployed with approx. 5 people applying for every one job opening.

    There are teachers, lawyers, accountants, social workers, policemen, firemen, veterans, college graduates, IT professional, etc. on the unemployement line….how dare you call them lazy. How dare you suggest that they take a minimum wage job that would not pay enough for rent and food. These people have degrees and many years of experience in their chosen field. They didn’t lose their job because they were lazy, incompetent, or did something illegal. They lost their job because of budget cuts, outsourcing, and plain greed on the part of management to increase profits while cutting the workforce.

    My husband and I have jobs but we don’t have blinders on our eyes like some of you do. You should have empathy for our fellow Americans that are experiencing an almost impossible task of finding a job that will pay enough to keep their roof over their head and food on the table. You should walk a mile in their shoes first… might realize how hard it is to find a job.

  10. Those losers on ue friends are actually giving interview advice now. the last people you would ask on how to go about getting a job. do you know who is keeping you from getting a job? YOU.

  11. some cat that goes by the handle of has posted over 9000 times. does the guy do anything else? la-eww-ser!

  12. No he doesn’t Sebastian. As you can also see from his posts on the date he joined that he actually does nothing but post there. Interesting. You must take a peek at all the others. He isn’t the only ones. It amazes me how they an sit there all day and night posting and claiming they are “Out” looking for work. Haha

  13. You are an sad and a heartless person I truly hope that this happens to you!!!!!!!!! We are looking for jobs I send out and drive around and get out 20 to 30 resumes a day and I need to keep my son eating and have somewhere to live!!!!!!! How dare you complain about people have to start working you make people feel like crap when they are about to lose everything what comes around goes around!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that this is what you do with your time slamming 99ers who are trying to find a job as hard as they can it is people like you that are heartless!!!! I spent most of my teenage life on the streets with no place to live and no food to eat I have worked my whole life and me and my son do not deserve to be made feel like crap when we are trying to survive I feel sorry for people like you that have nothing better to do with there time but to make people feel bad about the situation they are in by no fault of there own. Stay off these sites if all you are going to do is slam us because you don’t know anything!!!!

  14. My time is paid for. So if I want to shame and ridicule you its my job. Obviously you have no shame to tell that whiny little story of yours…so let me be the one to do that. All of you people’s story sound the same anyway.

  15. Yvonne, you need to realize and fully understand that you are unemployed because of your own fault. You were let go by no fault of you own in the U.I. eyes. But the continued unemployment is by all means YOUR FAULT. And if that don’t say enough, check out your spelling. I sure hope you had a high school graduate check out your resume before you dropped it in the hands of possible future employers. That is if you truly did hand any out. But as we all can clearly see you are more worried about being online to defend what others may think about you. Rather than spending it outside putting in job resumes and applications.

    Pffft! This is why the working Americans are tired of hearing such sob stories time and time again. It’s done and over with now. Get moving!

  16. Yvonne, and you tell “Us” to stay off these website slamming you.

    You better re-read that whole article. It is nothing but SLAMMING! You stepped into “Our” World now. You came to a Unemployed Slamming article and have the audacity to tell us to stop slamming on these sites. You forgot who’s site you visited. Enough said!

  17. Yvonne, Don’t worry about these inbred,dilusional, energy zappers. For any two individuals to post some of the things they post puts them in the same class as the people that got us into this mess,(politicians)so just let karma kick in and continue to fight the good, HONEST fight. With any luck they’ll be magically teleported in the middle of Egypt with the American flag tattoed on their chest, naked with “Raise oil prices again” picket signs.

  18. For the third time (since everytime I make this statement it gets taken down.) It is irresponsible journalism to try to shield the truth from the public, especially since the real unemployment numbers(including the number of 99’ers) is being withheld from the public. I always thought freedom of speech took precedence over everything. Oh, almost forgot Obama and government are working on that also (for those that doubt do your research before you start typing) bad article and paid puppet point of view still btw.

  19. Losing your job may not have been your fault…not getting another one is.

    Again, you are out of excuses and out of time.

  20. Memo to Mark:

    ‘And if that don’t say enough, check out your spelling.’ – Your post 20110129 1109

    You sir, in turn, as it seems to be a matter of considerable concern to you, might consider your grammar.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  21. Memo To Sebastardian:

    It may be your parents fault for raising you without the ability to empathize with your fellow man,

    but it is your fault you never evolved passed that as an adult.

    Have a very nice day 🙂

  22. Yvonne:

    I know it’s difficult when you’re in a hard place, and I mean this with the greatest respect, but please try as best you can, for the sake of your own sanity, to ignore trolls like Sebastian.

    Feel free to figuratively kick them in the face, but then just ignore them.

    The standard advice with folks like that is to ignore them, that they aren’t worth it, and I know that’s difficult (believe me, I know, I’m pretty lousy at it, myself), but it’s quite true – they aren’t worth it.

    I’d say ‘to hell with them’ but in a sense there’s no need, because they’re already there.

    They know that, and we know that.

    I wish you strength and good fortune.

  23. Ha!

    Now we know the people who have no friends or life! Why post negative comments about the unemployed? What’s the point? I also was unemployed, but thank god I got a job and had my savings to help me. It really is hard to find any job out there from fast food to corporate jobs. I’m just confused why loosers like Sabastian,Marc,Frodo make comments when they have jobs. You nerds need to hook-up
    give your blowdolls a break. Even if most of the 99ers find jobs what about the future ones that will be growing each month? It’s gonna get ugly when people don’t care anymore and start robbing people to survive. Big corps like Nike need to get out of China and bring jobs back to US.

  24. My upbringing was well rounded and complete. And yes I detest whiners and people who try and make it all about themselves (you know like playing the victim), when they’re just so insignificant. With these types its always someone elses fault, its never on them.

  25. I would take my time and post something in response but I HAVE TO GO TO WORK! Ah, a word some of you forgot how to spell? See ya’ll in 13+ hours. Sucks to be me. Oh, I meant you! Bye Yvonne, go work on that grammar. 🙂

  26. BTW, Today I may not be making a ton of money, but lets calculate. 15.74 x 12 = $188.88 and x 5 = $944.40 (Before taxes of course). Hows that Unemployment working out for ya? Didn’t think so. The jobs are out there. We had a hiring freeze through the holidays. Though no more. Have four positions open and they are not being advertised. Why? So it can be word of mouth. Boss said otherwise it would look like a job fair out front for a few positions. But there are jobs. Just go door to door non-stop all day. Hiring or not, go on it. Make an appearance. Fill out an application even if they are not currently hiring. That’s how I obtained my job!

    Give it a try, you never know. 🙂

  27. hmmmmm. Victimization, and accountability, reoccuring themes.

    What if a certain establishment does not take accountability for thier mistakes? Setting in motion a severe sociological unbalance. Is it those that truely are suffering, taking on the VICTIMIZATION status if they start to riot in the street? Causing the president and his family to flee the country out of guilt because of thier lack ACCOUNTABILITY? Google Egypt, or better yet research history. No one is playing the victim here in America or in Egypt for that matter. Millions are suffering because of nazi-like tactics from an establiment that was greedy,sloppy,and wants to hide behind lies because they won’t take ACCOUNTABILITY for their actions, not b/c they think they are too good to work at Burger King. I was never raised to be a victim of any kind, but I was raised to stay aware of character, rather it be humble, kind, cruel, elitist,strong or weak.
    I was raised to stay conscious of these things for serveral reasons, survival is just one them. Speaking of character people like yourself show very little. Empathy is a fundamental part of character which takes us back to your parents, and people like you. They were obviously never held ACCOUNTABLE for their lack of teaching you something so simple. Darwinism only gets you so far in life. As a child most of us are very weak, and if you dont get picked up consistently and shown affection, its been proven the baby dies. You must not have been picked up that much, because YOU, now are the VICTIM,putting your political spin on something so damning to your on Nation, so you can compensate. So easy to psycho-analyze yet so small im comparison to the reality that is in front of us all.

  28. Mark:

    Evidently your reading, interpretive, and semantic skills are lacking in addition to your grammatical competence as referenced previous.

    The reference to your grammar being lacking while criticizing others was quite clear.

    One can interpret your response then as in fact either a) A non-response, i.e., an evasion, or; b) Reflective of literally complete incompetence in English semantics.

    Is English, in fact, your native language?

    Or are you possessed of some private language not shared by any others on this particular planet?

    Evidence suggests this rather sharply limits your ability to communicate with others.

    Then again, you seem to prefer onanistic pastimes.

  29. Your company has a whole whopping 4 jobs available. WOW, that’s really going to make a huge dent in the unemployment rate! What a joke!

    What’s really sad is how many of you, who tell the unemployed to “go get a job” and that “there are jobs out there” are, obviously, very unaware of what is really happening to the “good old” USA right now and what the crooks on Wall Street, in the multinational corporations and in the government are doing to America. You also don’t seem to realize how close you are to being the next ones to get a “pink slip”.

    You really need to turn off Fox and start getting your news from many other sources, including books. Three good books to start with are “The Shock Doctrine”, by Naomi Klein, “The Looting of America”, by Les Leopold and “It Takes a Pillage”, by Nomi Prins. Yesterday is gone, America has changed – BIG TIME!

  30. Some people squeeze the numbers to get whatever they want out of them. Has anyone taken the time to analyze what sort of people make up the 99ers? What you would find is a brain trust rivaling any workforce. Most of those who make up the long term unemployed were cut by corporations’ downsizing to lower overhead. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…unemployment is now added to the cost of doing business. Big business must become a bit more innovative to find a way to put these people back to work or suffer the consequence. Oh and Mark…take you head out of your a** you won’t find the truth in there.

  31. Playing the victim is convenient for you people…it makes you feel better about your miserable lives. But its not working and no one’s buying it.

    Oh is that a proposal to help the ninety whiners? Aww it was just a cheap attempt to get a vote and once again you’ll come away with nothing. They want to keep you down, addicted and dependent on govt. This approach really works for the weak minded. You do know there are people that have been out of work for 2 years or more that dont play around on the internet? These are the ones that need to be helped first. Not the one playing victim.

  32. A nice little whine from the freaks on ue friends:

    “I am sick of tired of being unemployed and living in a country where living in poverty is acceptable.”

    Only a loser would actually begin to believe this crap.

    That loser doesn’t seems to have not learned anything yet. They are still delusional that the govt is going to rescue them with a job or even better another handout. It will only get worse for you when you keep thinking that crap.

  33. Sebastian:

    Mainlining Ayn Rand and other juvenilia once again, are we?

    You will note that this entire sequence of comments, sir, is (literally) dependent upon an assertion based upon an (once again, literally) absolute and utter ignorance of the relevant statistics.

    You will note, too, that you and the other harpies have failed to even attempt to address those inaccuracies – rather you flail away, spit at and kick those in pain.

    Presumably this provides you with some reassurance as to your self worth.

    This is generally viewed, quite rightly, as the worst sort of cowardice.

    Feel better now?

  34. I think I’ve landed on a good comment board, and I intend to stick around for awhile or as long it serves my purpose.

    You clone, seem to have forgotten the theme of the article. It had to do with calling out the whiners and freeloaders. You are welcome to your comments of course, and as long as you realize you’re backing a loser, I’ll keep my end up and reinforce that for you every chance I get.

  35. Sebastian:

    Good. Then address the inaccuracy of the statistics and economic analysis which was pointed out quite clearly long ago.

    Either that or keep waving your arms and calling names.

    Your call, dude.

  36. I offer no solutions or advice other than just get a job. And as far as the numbers? Ninety whiners have
    have made up they’re minds up a long time ago that anything positive is a lie, and they’re only interested in hearing the things that conveniently fit their miserable existence. The labor report on friday is always good for laugh.

  37. In other words you’re hear to rant that you don’t like people venting their pain, and you don’t give a rat’s ass what the economic reality is as evidenced by statistics or reporting in the likes of The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Reuters, or Bloomberg.

    You’re just here to reassure yourself your baseless opinions matter by attempting to bully others.

    Impressive, Sebastian.

  38. I have no idea what ue is other than what I’ve gleaned from posts here.

    What are you talking about?

    . . . and why don’t you address the fact that the lead in this series of exchanges was set by someone ranting with no basis in fact or comprehension of the statistics, or of economics?

    The actual facts seem to simply not be of any interest to you and your fellow harpies, only your need to rant at those who are weak and desperate.

    Have you any interest whatsoever in attempting to address actual facts, or do you simply prefer as you have to date to endlessly bloviate?

  39. Well, Sebastian, I don’t know about your experience on this planet, but mine is that the macho bs bully types (get that mirror out, now) who talk about ‘thinning the herd’ and that crap are the first to fold and make excuses when they’re on the losing side of the trade, the deal, or when the knives (either figurative or literal) come out.

    Now, I’m just a wuss, of course, so what the fuck do I know, right?

    I do know, though, that you’re still hurling **** in the finest simian fashion, and not addressing the facts (statistics in this instance) in dispute.

    Keep waving those arms, my man, people are ever so impressed.

  40. Can’t you tell I’m doing the lords work?

    This isn’t a fact driven comment board. As I said ninety whiners are using the numbers to fit their its-never-my-fault rhetoric. But when the rubber meets the road what do they have? Their own excuses.

  41. As for the Lord’s Work I don’t recall the Tough Love Kick People In The Face When They’re Down and Desperate part of the New Testament.

    Can you give me chapter and verse on that, or does the Lord you refer to speak to you by Private Personal Divine Revelation and, if so, do you hear these voices and see these visions frequently?

  42. So that its clear. The objective is to run whiners off of these boards, and in some way it may help change their lives. I have been pretty successful over the past year. Some are stubborn though…so I’ve got some more work to do.

    People like you are the enablers and I mean that in the very worse sense.

  43. You *really* might want to develop some command of English for these Tough Love BS Sprees, Sebastian.

    Typos happen, of course, as do other solecisms, but ‘the very worse sense’?


    What is your native tongue, anyway?

    Now, of course, I’m just trying to follow your Tough Love model here and encourage you to spend less time attempting to bully those in pain to shore up your ego and instead to spend a bit of time mastering 4th-grade level English grammar.

  44. Whenever the topic becomes a loser for you people and it frequently does…the english teacher routine comes next.

  45. I would note that you harpies were eagerly seizing upon the grammar of those you labeled ‘whiners’.

    Can you say ‘the pot calling the kettle black’?

    You continue to evade any actual consideration of fact and statistics.

    You continue to bully those in stress.

    I call that cowardice, pure and simple.

  46. Do in part to a lot of us/my efforts the crys and begging for an additional handout have gone unanswered by the decision makers and with the country in general. We take a lot pride/credit in that. Thats where it all started. Lately though the focus of the whiners has shifted to “give us a job” and “we’re entitled”. If they want to continue with this line of blather, then I have to counter their irresponsible rants with reality. The govt does not create jobs, we are not democratic socialist country, and entitlement programs are going to start shrinking. All facts.

    These people are out excuses and and out time…wouldn’t you agree?

  47. I think it unlikely there will be a further extension, but I do think it’s a (remote) possibility.

    I follow the markets and market perceptions fairly closely. There is very real concern that when the Fed reaches the end of their current $600 billion in quantitative easing the economy and the markets will slump once again. It’s worth remembering that in the decline in the early 1930s there were in fact two legs down, while thus far we’ve seen only one leg down. Market players are very much aware of this fact and the markets are in part divided as to whether or not in fact we have a ‘sustainable’ recovery or not. The unemployment picture is very much a factor here – not from any humanitarian concern but because approximately 70% of the economy is consumer driven, and while those at the top of the heap are doing very, very nicely, the vast majority are not: The general consensus is that unemployment will continue very high for at least another few years (and that’s with an optimistic scenario) and many mortgages have yet to be fully unwound (the general consensus in the markets is that the second leg down in home prices began late last fall and will continue for at least some time). Further, while there’s a lot of bs being put on in the general press the financial folks are acutely aware of the fact that despite the bailouts of the big boys they are still sitting on enormous heaps of bad debts and derivatives that have yet to be unwound and which are being kept on the books at ludicrous values which will never be realized – in other words, which have been papered over.

    In this sense as in others there is a clock ticking.

    It may be that the charade will succeed and there will be no sharp sudden second leg downward in the markets and that instead we’re looking at twenty years of stagnation and misery in the Japanese fashion – I have no firm opinion on which way that one will play out.

    My point here, which may not be immediately obvious, is that these things are interrelated. At present the ‘we’re in recovery’ mantra is holding up even though it’s not a real recovery in that it’s being propped up by the Fed printing money and playing for time. If it doesn’t hold up, if something – an exogenous event like Egypt, perhaps, or simply internal processes not going as the big players hope they will – there will be a massive political scramble to save the big players and part of the price of that might be to throw the extended unemployed folks a crumb in the form of further extension.

    [Believe it or not, this is the short version of this analysis, which is pretty damn elementary, really.]

    There’s also some chance that if any political players are so inclined they might try to slide in a further unemployment extension as the crunch develops at the end of February/early March with respect to the Continuing Resolution and the Debt Ceiling.

    That one’s very hard to call, though. The reality, of course, is that no one in politics gives a rat’s ass about the folks on the margins – it’s only rhetoric unless they feel pressure or see advantage of some sort.

    If the financial folks become sufficiently concerned about the lack of consumer demand (which is up trivially nominally of late, but only trivially and only nominally) they may be open for further unemployment benefit extension, but it will likely be sub rosa while in public they rail against it.

    So, yes, I doubt there will be a further extension, but it can’t be ruled out, either.

    I wouldn’t urge people to count on it, no.

    If, on the other hand, folks feel the need to vent about an incompetent and unconcerned government I see no harm in that.

    I do not feel it gets in the way of their attempting to find employment.

    In any event, as I’ve said repeatedly, if you have an argument to make you might begin by citing the facts as opposed to offering your ‘opinions’, which are simply cowardly bullying, however you attempt to characterize it.

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