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August 18, 2022

99er’s Exhausting Unemployment Benefits, No One To Blame But Themselves

Job openings still seem to be there.

Job openings still seem to be there.

The Current Job Situation In America

A funny thing has been happening in the United States. President Barack Obama and Congress have worked for the last two years to get as many jobs available to Americans as they can.

For nearly a year, every month has seen a notable growth in job creation. However, the unemployment rate has remained stagnant.

When the rate fell from 9.6% to 9.4% last month, the reason was not that more jobs were taken, but that citizens exhausted their benefits and simply were no longer counted due to no longer searching for work.

And THAT is the problem with the unemployment situation in the United States.

The jobs are there. Over one million jobs have been added in the last year in various industries in the United States. Jobs have been created from high-level corporate jobs to working for minimum wage and in factories. Regardless of education level, there is a job out there that would accept you if you’re smart about it.

For every American that has taken advantage of the opportunities created by President Obama and Congress, there are a few who have just sat at home and waited on the unemployment benefit checks to come in the mail.

The System Is Fine

The system should not be knocked, as it is as good as it can be. It’s unreasonable to demand that every single person on unemployment be thoroughly inspected often enough and closely enough to make sure they are not abusing the system. The unfortunate fact is that while some are truly thankful for the assistance from the government and are using it as an opportunity to get back in the workforce, there are those who realized they could just sit at home, reduce their standard of living a little bit, and just collect a check.

The truth of the matter is that jobs are out there and they are abundant. At the end of 2010, areas like the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, Baltimore, San Jose, Cleveland, Boston, Seattle, Austin, Denver, Charlotte, Atlanta, and other big cities had around 100 job listings for every 1,000 people in the area. San Jose topped the list with 162 job openings for every 1,000 people. Other cities like New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh had just under 50 job openings for every 1,000 people. (See job map.)

How can people possibly claim that there simply are no jobs for them when over one million jobs were created in the last year on top of the job openings that were already there? Especially the 99ers who have already collected 99 weeks of unemployment and recently held a candlelight vigil because they didn’t get an additional 13 months. Boohoo! Fix up your resumes, improve your skillset, read some books, learn proper punctuation and get a job like everyone else.

If the 99ers want to continue collecting money for over 99 weeks, guess what? It’s no longer called unemployment. It’s called welfare.

How Hard Are 99ers Really Trying?

The truth of the matter is while it is reasonable that in smaller cities and less populated areas, jobs are scarce and the need for unemployment benefits are really there. But for most of the men and women collecting unemployment benefits, there’s a good chance they’re abusing the system.

A reasonable amount of unemployment time is understandable but where do these brash 99ers get off feeling a sense of entitlement that everyone should pool their tax dollars and just hand them to a 99er while they sit at home feeling sorry for themselves while making little effort to improve their own situation.

Now, maybe someone who used to make $200,000 a year can’t find a job paying quite as much, but at a time of true desperation, what’s stopping that person from working at the local mall or restaurant?

Then there are those who are simply going about things wrong.

Mistakes The Unemployed Make

One common mistake is sending the wrong message with a poorly constructed resume. Many 99er’s are aiming for jobs and turning in resumes with spelling and grammar errors (yes I’ve talked to many 99ers and about 99% of them don’t know how to spell or use proper punctuation).  This brings up the question, “would you hire someone like that?”  And better yet “how much do you really want this job if you won’t even go over your resume?

Other issues include people sending out generic resumes and not targeting their resume towards the company they are applying for. This is common sense and all part of trying to present yourself in the best possible light to get a job. Some people also choose to lie on their resumes and are simply unprofessional by being informal and not being punctual.

In short, many who are currently collecting unemployment benefits and are complaining that they can’t find a job are the ones to blame.

There are simply too many 99er’s who are either abusing the system or just doing a bad job of applying for jobs.

One year ago it was understandable that it was difficult to find a job, but over the course of 99 weeks, which is just under two years, how can one explain not being able to find a job?

While some of the 99er’s may have legitimate reasons, for most, can they honestly say that after almost two years of government assistance during which they did not work that they honestly need another 13 months because they truly cannot land one of the over one million jobs out there?

Industry Employment Trends via Wow job growth!
Chart research displays jobs exist... amazing!

50 Comments on 99er’s Exhausting Unemployment Benefits, No One To Blame But Themselves

  1. Mark Johnson is a genius!! It took me a while to figure it out but i finally did. How can one million jobs created fix the unemployment problem? EACH JOB WILL BE DIVIDED INTO 14 PART TIME SHIFTS! Problem solved!!!!!

  2. If you’re really looking for jobs so hard, why are you spending a weekday arguing on a blog and not out looking for a job?

  3. I don’t think the intent was to prompt debate, either. There’s a great deal of rhetoric from some quarters claiming that if only folks are willing to accept less money or move, etc, they can get a job. The fact of the matter is that the numbers don’t bear that out – indeed, they clearly contradict it, which is why I cited some numbers from the perspective of financial analysts as to the numbers necessary to reduce unemployment – and that those numbers are simply not there.

    For some folks to act as if people can create jobs out of thin air simply by The Power of Positive Thinking is insane – and as for the nonsensical observation that folks aren’t getting jobs because there are typos and/or misspellings on their résumés, while that may be true in some individual instances it’s nonsensical in the aggregate – and I’ve seen Ivy League law grads’ résumés, for what it’s worth, with typos and misspellings.

    Germany, to cite a positive model on these issues, has programs that cover folks indefinitely through unemployment while at the same time meaningfully – I emphasize ‘meaningfully’ – retraining them for jobs that they know exist because they coordinate the programs with private industry. They also have programs where hours are shortened through the cooperation of private industry in order to reduce layoffs and the cost is shared by the private industry (which is able to retain workers) and the government.

    As with health care and so many other issues the cruel truth is that the US simply does a terrible job at these things.

    Terrible. Inexcusably, unforgivably terrible. Other nations have governments of humans, too, just as the US. They are fallible, they screw up, they make mistakes, they have vested interests.

    Yet they do better in so many, many critical areas than the US as the US reassures itself by waving the flag.

    I suppose I’m not a big fan of flag waving. I figure people are people, whatever country they’re in, and their strengths and their shortcomings are pretty constant.

    We’re all human, no matter what flag we have.

    So it might be helpful if we look at how other nations do things and pick up a few pointers.

    Germany, the example I gave here, exports quality products and services throughout the world far better than the US while at the same time serving the interests of its citizens better.

    Other developed nations do as well.

    Why the devil can’t the US do as well as these other equally imperfect, equally human nations?

    Is it because we don’t believe in government, really, and therefore expect it to fail and so it does?

    Is it because we buy into the notion that people who control large flows of capital (and I assure you I have *nothing* against capital) ought to be making decisions not only about the allocation of capital but about the very shape and texture of our entire society?

    I don’t know. I, too, am only human.

    I do, know, though, that we’re getting it wrong, and we continue to get it wrong.

    Perhaps we need a new Constitution (the one we have is a fine document but was written for a nation of about 8 million people not over 300 million), or perhaps we need a revolution.

    I don’t know . . . but we seem to be destined for that dark and dangerous road as we continue to drift, our political and financial ‘elites’ incompetent and short-sighted, feeding us empty rhetoric and striking empty poses – as if that creates jobs and drives an economy.

    The French revolution’s motto (no, the French aren’t perfect, but we design US aircraft and supercarriers, for example, on French software, and they get a few things, like health care and nuclear power, right) was Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

    We in the US believe in only the first of these.

    It’s not going very well.

  4. Well, Sarah, perhaps some of us can multitask and are in fact doing so. How about you?

    In any event, in my case I’m fine, trading the market at the moment, options on the SPX, and I do okay.

    How well do *you* grasp today’s GDP numbers and their implications?

  5. EU friends — I know all about your site. We scrape a lot information off of it, and believe me its not used to help you in the way YOU people would like it to. But it does help. And so since you don’t want practical help just govt help we use it in the way we see best for all. Getting you off of govt addiction is one goal, and it does seem to be working. Get real people — don’t you think its about time? Remember you’re the one’s without a future.

  6. Doug: I think you’re absolutely correct. The greatest problem with the increasing concentration of wealth is that it inevitably leads to social instability and a well-founded lack of confidence in the legitimacy of the government.

    Yet we’ve headed down that road for decades now and the financial crisis perpetrated by the existing (incompetent) interests has accelerated the trend.

    My concern, as I’ve said, is that this is the road that ultimately leads to chaos, anarchy, dictatorships, revolutions, and so many other really swell things.

    Yet we continue on this path.

    Not good.

  7. Sebastian:

    I’m afraid you don’t bluff very well. Any trade or position you’re in I’m happy to take the other side – and your money.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  8. Marc Cyfre: I read your comments and am impressed with the thought and intelligence behind them. You’ve studied the issue, stay on top of the news and are able to think critically; and then express your views. That’s refreshing in today’s society. So my question was not in reference to you. I’m sure you trade the markets by choice and if you wanted to get a job, you’d have one within a week.

    It’s the others on here and in general that come from this feeling of entitlement. It’s like they think everyone owes them money… and a job. If you are a qualified person then you will rise to the top of the applicant pool and you WILL GET HIRED. If you sit around misspelling everything, spatting stupidity you will not. Someone else will take that job.

    The US operates on a meritocracy – if you deserve a job, you will get it. You have to work on yourself and make yourself deserving of it. Improve your skillset like the article says. BUT you can’t just sit there and feel this sense of entitlement and that the government should GIVE you money… that is UNBELIEVABLE! This is not communism.

  9. I am on the winning side of this. Thanks in some part to my efforts we keep the words freeloader and whiner in America’s conscience.

  10. @ Mark Johnson: When you step into the shoes of the unemployed and experience the loss of everything you have worked for and earned, then I will consider listening to your opinion. You have just insulted millions of people due to your lack of compassion and education about what 99ers are up against. In fact, you just fed the ignorant more pablum to feed on.

    What’s to stop people from working in jobs other than their previous careers is the hiring managers who refuse to consider them for various reasons. There are jobs on and I found a part time job through the site, however, most are posted over and over again. Most don’t respond to applications. Many are insurance jobs that require funds to obtain a license. I have looked at for over two years and in different areas of the country, same listings, different area. Either the jobs or the hiring managers are crappy, choose one. I know any money incoming is better than no money incoming, even with a part time job, it isn’t enough to support a household.

    Get off your high horse. Any group of people has their share of the abusers of the system. Just look at congress and the writer of this article.

  11. Sarah and Sebastian, you do not know the details. Nobody is demanding money or jobs in this platform. We all started off explaining that we are all in the same boat, and ARE doing something about it. Do you understand how much competition is out there because of how widespread this issue is? It is not about being at the top of the applicant pool. It is very easy to sit on your end and judge us all,and yet you still have not provided any factual information. I could care less if there are typos in here as I do not care to remain professional in this platform any longer. You hit a nerve, and I know I write well on a daily basis. The reason that I am here writing in here and defending my principles is because of the weather (another little something out of all of our control) and the fact that nobody is going to schedule an interview because of that. I am able to multi-task, and apply left and right to jobs for which I am qualified. I am in a Senior PR/Marketing position, and am also donating my services (free of charge) to those who need my assistance. I know in doing this, I gain more experience and keep my mind and spirit afloat. I am not preaching or complaining…and I honestly do not see how my life or the life of all other people clustered into the 99er (stupid name) category really encroaches on your’s or why it deems you yelling at us over an internet page. We all do have something to be frustrated about…You guys, even with employment, are sitting here wasting YOUR time (and getting paid for it)arguing something without facts and in a very degrading way. If you have such a problem with the vast majority of your fellow citizens, then maybe you should move out of the country. You are very inhumane people, and I seriously hope you never have to endure such struggles. Again, none of you are immune to this no matter how good you are at your job. Have a great day, and please get off your high horse.

  12. Hey Sebastian, one more thing. If millions of people like us have no future as you said, then guess what? That will spread over to you eventually…if so many people are without jobs and money, what the heck do you think is going to happen? It is not Genocide or that people will just die or disappear. It will affect everyone, and you are ignorant if you believe otherwise. Good Day!

  13. @Liz – You’re so insightful and just smarter than all of us. Well communicated there. Good day to you too and I’m just laughing at your messages.

  14. I am glad I could provide your entertainment at work for the day Sarah…these may have been your smartest words thus far. I never tooted my own horn at all, and that just proves your lack of education on the issue and that you do not know anything about the people you enjoy criticizing. Very Mature Approach!

  15. @Liz – It’s not so much criticism as it is voicing my opinion. Can you come to the realization that different people in this world have different opinions?

    Or should EVERYONE feel bad for someone who hasn’t found a job in two years and goes on forums complaining that they deserve a government hand-out and are entitled to a job.. oh and by the way, this situation is not their fault? … no it’s never THEIR fault. Always others faults.

    Good luck.

  16. Sarah T:

    I thank you for the compliment.

    I can’t speak to the individuals here in any meaningful way since I’ve only seen this particular discussion for the first time today.

    What concerns me is that the populace is turning on itself. Frankly, I think this is inevitable. It’s human nature that we turn on one another in time of crisis – life isn’t a Hollywood movie where crisis brings out the best in people. There are times when it does, but in my observation those are the exceptions. I value those exceptions as I would diamonds, but they are, unfortunately, exceptions.

    Please bear in mind that I don’t mean to criticize you or, really, anyone else here in any meaningful way (though the reasoning of the initial post here, and its data, are sadly lacking).

    I feel that it’s important that people accept their responsibility to contribute to society.

    At present, though, we have an economy in which a very large number of folks are unemployed, in most cases through no fault of their own, and are in that sense helpless. The numbers mean that there’s simply no way we’re going to see reasonable unemployment numbers in the foreseeable future.

    We simply aren’t.

    Now I grant, as some argue, that optimizing one’s job search is of course the thing to do, and improves one’s chances. It’s still, though, a matter of chance and probability and doesn’t alter the fact that by most credible estimates there are about five job seekers for every job. That means by definition that in a given moment in time four-out-five of those job seekers won’t find jobs. I will grant that that’s only at a given instant in time, but the statistics also make clear that we’re seeing longer periods of unemployment than we’ve ever seen since WW2.

    I agree that simply extending unemployment isn’t ‘the answer’. Indeed, unemployment doesn’t apply to the self-employed, for example.

    If we are to be a functioning society, however, we ought to be looking seriously at jobs programs, for example. We can’t responsibly simply say to those who are attempting to be responsible members of society and to contribute but who are unable to find employment because of dynamics of the economy utterly beyond their control ‘tough luck’ as some are saying, or ‘well, it’s all for the best’ as others are saying, or ‘well, we’ll be creating jobs Real Soon Now’ as, for example, the administration is saying.

    A lot of people here who are hurting are venting. I see no real harm in that.

    Some others, in the media, etc, are attacking folks who are getting pretty desperate, which in my view only creates alienation and furthers social disintegration and instability.

    I don’t see that as helpful for anyone, but it furthers the agenda of some folks and, for example, helps certain chat show hosts peddle work-at-home and patent and other ripoffs to their audience as they rake the money in – this, frankly, I find pretty damn offensive.

    I’m not, I hope, naive, I don’t think chanting ‘we’re all in it together’ or waving the flag, or anything of that sort, makes any real difference.

    I do think, though, that on the evidence – and I think most, whatever their ideology would agree, perhaps it’s the only thing on which we agree – know in their hearts, their minds, their souls, that while some individuals – and more power to them – are doing well and/or prospering – that as a society we’re paralyzed, ineffective, and simply failing.

    I wish to heaven I knew or thought I knew a way to alter this, but I’m afraid I don’t.

    Perhaps after an even greater crisis?

    But that’s such a risk, such a roll of the dice . . .

    yet, as I said earlier (forgive the repetition) I think that’s where we’re headed, as sure as water flows downhill.

  17. I personally have not asked for anyone’s sympathy at all, and respect others’ opinions as long as they are warranted and backed up by facts. If they are just rude accusations, I do not hear them. You and a few others came into these responses not offering anything but pretty much insults…you are still doing that. The truth is you do not know anyone in this specific platform or their situations, and again you are labeling everyone because of the greater picture out there. If you would like to sit here and battle this one out, we can keep going but I personally think at least with you, it is not worth mine or anyone else’s time in here. Yes, it stinks that there are people living off of unemployment and not being proactive about their lives…however, there are just as many people who are taking the initiative and ended up this way because of downsizing, company restructure and other factors outside of their/our control. Place the blame where the blame is due, but don’t assume you know of someone’s personal situation.

  18. Wow,spelling, seriously? I have a Masters (psychology) and this is just my point of veiw but I can differentiate when someone is typing out of passion or irritation and does’nt really care about the mistakes (usually I can tell due to verbage, and stance taken), versus someone who is blatantly illiterate, but to use it as an arguing point, or to even suggest any American who has worked, got laid off through no fault of their own, turns around and has a false sense of entitlement for still needing help, is not only a part of the lame elites view that got our country and its citizens into this crisis, but is also just plain dillusional. The jobs aren’t here, and even in higher poisitions of employment, your eloquence and sometimes even your networking abilities do not gaurantee you a job in this economy, they simply increase your odds. Iv’e seen people go from 370K a year to 0 in income and these are very intelligent people, who were affected by GREED and bad decisions on Governments part point blank, not theirs. If a person has the intellectual capacity of a ring box it does not necessarily mean they are in bad shape financially in this country (look at half of the hyperbolic staff of HLN, or some of these reality stars cashing in on America’s stupidity.)So to even go to spelling on a message board is reaching a little to far in my opinion. Metaphysically, feeding off just a small percentage of bad energy alters your perception if you have good intentions, thats why usually its’s the road to hell (very few can stay focused on the end goal long enough not to swayed by something), and also why I had to respond to the false sense of entitlement, and spelling comments. There are bigger things to focus on and worry about.

  19. As I sit here and read all these posts. I have to wonder why the unemployed are even responding to this at a time of day when they should be OUT LOOKING FOR WORK!!!!

    It’s not just happening here. Go to the Unemployed Friends Forum. I am banned from there because I told it like it was. But, I can hide my IP and still read them idiots posts. Yes, I do read them. Why? I still wonder the same thing. But at any given time, on any given day they are all there posting away, when they SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR WORK!

    Me, I work nights. Three on two off. 12 hour shifts means my days are limited. And my nights consist of 14 hours on my feet. I am not complaining. I LOVE IT! And I have a good income. Did I expect to be working this type of job when I was younger? Nope. But I am grateful to be working. So now, why am I working? BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO BE THE ONES they are talking about in this article. So, the jobs are there. JUST GOTTA HAVE A DESIRE TO WORK.

    Stop making excuses. Really, everyone is sick of seeing them. No way am I ever going to be HOMELESS if I can help it. No way am I going to suck the system DRY of all the unemployment I can. No way!

    Take some advice, if your able. Get up off your couch, chair, floor, or wherever you surf the web, and GO OUT OF THE HOUSE TO FIND A JOB!

    It’s not that difficult. Stop the whining and do something about your life. Step down off your pedestal. Move to a place you can afford. Give up all luxury items. Stop paying high priced insurance and pay for liability only. Stop paying for cell phones, get safelink. Stop eating out, take your lunch when you are job hunting. Turn down the thermostats on your heat. Hang your clothes to dry then toss them in the dryer for five minutes to fluff. Unplug everything not used at night. Recycle as much as you can. Turn off heat to unused rooms. Turn off Hot water accept to your kitchen sink, bathroom shower and faucet for washing hands. STOP using things that are totally unnecessary. Make sure you feed your family LEFTOVERS. Do not waste anything. Turn soap bottles, shampoo/condition bottles, laundry soap, fabric softener, dish soap etc.. upside down overnight to get all excess out. This includes Pets too. If you can’t afford them, find them another home. It’s sad but you must do what you have to do to survive.

    Everything I have mention has saved me a lot of money each month and when compared to over 12 months it was a huge savings.

    On a serious note, most of you don’t have what it takes to be homeless. Plus your pride seems to get in the way of even job hunting.


  20. All you haters against 99ers. Just remember the men and woman who are fighting for you to spew your hatred are the same people coming home to no jobs either. The government has ignored them also. Our vets are also homeless. Ive spoken to many. So keep spewing your hate and remember sadly a military man and woman will loose their life to fight for you to spew your hate. It is freedom of speech and you just prove how inhumane you are. BTW, Thanks to all who are fighting for our freedom. God Bless and God speed on your return home.

  21. Ummm, can you say that a person taking time to bash another citizen (like you) who is not receiving a single penny from tax payers (99ers are not but you might be); as this is only a word; is downright silly, even borders on illiteracy!

  22. Amazing how some forget some unemployed people are going back to school and need time to re-train. Some have jobs that start in the spring like myself and could use a few more weeks. I paid into the system for over 20 years, lost my job due to outsourcing, went back to school and now have a job.

    Sebastian I see you post on other site bashing the unemployed. You have an agenda and it ROTTEN.

  23. 1st off Gina, Who said you or whoever wrote this is a Citizen, Show us your papers. 2nd i am self employed so i am not even eligible for Benefit’s. Also just a head’s up you do realize that even people on Unemployment are taxed on that money.The bottom line is i know a few people who are 99’ers and they want a Job, The job’s just are not there. I try to help them if i have the extra work but i am having trouble even keeping my self afloat in this Depression. Now go back to your Sugar Daddy and earn your money the Only way you know how.

  24. Mark:

    Are you under the impression that figuratively waving your arms about and relating personal anecdotes, however endearing, is an adequate substitute for having the economic and employment data straight?

    It’s a pretty old observation that if you have the facts you simply lay them out, and that if you don’t you go for the anecdotal, the emotional, the personal attack – personally, I love Richard Gere singing ‘Give ’em the old razzle dazzle’ as much as the next guy or gal and I think it makes that point quite clearly.

    Perhaps you ought give it a listen and recalibrate your approach.

    Oh, actually having some command of the relevant data might help… but then again, I rather suspect you’ll find any that actually supports your argument (or ought I more accurately say ‘your invective’?).

  25. I am a 99er, I have put resumes and apps in everwhere that I could jobs just are not there

    but I will keep it simple. 15 million jobless people 1 million jobs created

    15 million – 1 million = 14 million people with families to feed and roofs that need to be kept over there headss

  26. Addendum to above:

    Please insert ‘not’ between the words ‘you’ll’ and ‘find’ in the penultimate line of my last comment.

    Thank you 🙂

  27. Dee,
    Somehow you have misinterpreted my comments. You show me your papers since you have to ask. Yes, I realize that unemployment benefits are taxed. I am addressing people who are taking the time to bash 99ers and letting them know this is only a word and not associated with a check from the government. I am shocked that you wouldn’t address people on this site who called 99ers “LAZY” or did you like that or did you miss that? I am on the side of 99ers. Now, since you know what a “Sugar Daddy” is; you go back to yours or whatever way you earn your self employment!

  28. the Obama admin. is using the 99ers to get the unemployment rate to an electable number in 2012. 99 weeks is not enough to make up for the economic genocide that unfolded in 2008. My narrative does not matter anymore as we all have been thrust into the category of disposable labor, a burden to any economic recovery. There just isn’t room for the long term unemployed on “THE RISING” captained by Obama and those responsible for the massive labor casualties. Rather than going back and forth with “haters” of the jobless let’s take a higher road with informed discourse and worker vigilance

  29. Why do I feel like the majority of these judgmental, self-rigeous hipocrits watch CNN, Faux, or God forbid HLN for their information? The real unemployment numbers have been concealed for months so how do yo even argue laziness. Why aren’t these people even questioning the method used to “keep track” of the unemployed?

  30. Gina, After i wrote my comment i realized that your comment had nothing to do with my original post, And i apologize for my reply. These articles just really get my Blood Boiling. As i said i know some 99’ers and they are struggling and Just want a Job but are having no luck finding one.
    Again i Apologize for my comment. Good luck to you.

  31. …Hilarious!! I can’t wait to hear all the wealthy & unconcerned pricks opinions when the 99er’s start kicking in your doors & robbing your spoiled about to be on coke or meth children….or better yet….can’t wait til money is useless (which will be very soon) & walk into the bank thinking you have 20 thousand in there and they say “OH..I’m sorry your balance only reads 75 cents…Than yall will be in the same boat…better yet…yall will be jumping out of buildings and committing suicide as they did in the great depression because yall Just Can’t imagine living without your luxuries… your bible idiots….”THIS…SYSTEM…IS…GOING….DOOOOOOWN!!!

  32. I dont see you anywhere addressing the problem of those not just 99ing but also those with “advanced age” and that being the true underlying reason for them not finding a job!
    By “advanced” I refer to the new Senior Citizens in the business world those poor unfortunates that were laid off when they had the nerve to (gasp) hit middle age!
    Let me tell you that you get laid off in your middle 50`s or higher and that doubles the chance you will not find a job within that alloted time.
    You think all those people are lazy?
    We worked over 29 years of our lives and probably at least 10-20 in the last position and basically watched as our companies HR Departments devised mass layoff lists with the number one prerequisite those of middle age and those with at least 10 years experience(pretty much the same thing).
    Yet where is AGE DISCRIMINATION addresses in your theory that 99`ers are themselves to blame?
    Blame us?
    We were working hard and long hours and getting awards for our efforts and were a class brought up on the “work hard and get ahead” theory.
    Our efforts were met with- “well how old are you and you know you have been here quite awhile” attitude!
    No we are not dinosaurs either though there were some that would fit that description as there are always “some” in every description.
    No the shame is on this country and its business practices that now include not just getting rid of us but NOT letting us back in.
    I have heard from a friend in HR at company that did this and was told-“dont even bring anyone 50 or older in for an interview” and if they get by you-they “better not get any further”.
    There are resume engines that can scope out an estimated age I am sure too and anyone can figure it out from dates of work and graduation dates!
    No sir the REAL problem is for all of us that “worked hard to get ahead and gain stability in our work career” that we ended up stabbing ourselves in the backs by doing so.
    You see now a gray haired man with 20 plus years of experience (and 50 plus years of life) that was once the positive desired look for all HR departments is now the scourge and what we thought of as building a solid background is now a total NEGATIVE.
    Its not our fault we worked hard and escaped the “grim reaper” in our middle years!

  33. Wow really “99er & laughing”? For everyone (including Liz) that is saying its not your fault and you’re worthy of a job – please read YOUR OWN kind’s comment two above mine. Unbelievable that you have representation like that idiot!

    Here’s his quote if you haven’t read it – “I can’t wait to hear all the wealthy & unconcerned pricks opinions when the 99er’s start kicking in your doors & robbing your spoiled about to be on coke or meth children….or better yet….can’t wait til money is useless (which will be very soon) & walk into the bank thinking you have 20 thousand in there and they say “OH..I’m sorry your balance only reads 75 cents…Than yall will be in the same boat…better yet…yall will be jumping out of buildings and committing suicide as they did in the great depression because yall Just Can’t imagine living without your luxuries… your bible idiots….”THIS…SYSTEM…IS…GOING….DOOOOOOWN!!!”

    Yeah good luck w/ getting hired there buddy.

  34. This article writer really has no clue how bad this crisis is. But getting as many people as you can to read this article is your goal right? This is probably how you get paid, more people reading it, more money you make.

    Shame on you and remember this, God sees what you do and karma will come and bite you in the you know where.

  35. Let me explain something to you my dear little Johnson. The age of a lot of these unemployed is 45 and mentioned manufacturing jobs in your article..go to your local hardware or retail outlet and see how many items are made in the U.S.A. believe me you will hardly find any. So if all the products in the stores are made overseas where are these manufacturing jobs you are talking about even 40% of the American made Chevy truck isn’t made here so where are these manufacturing jobs.

    What this country needs is to be the world leader in the manufacturing of Steel. The Steel industry is the heart and soul of a prosperous economy. America needs to manufacture, everything else is just a service industry job that feeds off of manufacturing.

  36. Long-winded stories, whines and rants. Man, these articles bring the best out in some of you people. They can’t wait to tell you all about themselves. But the bottom line is, nobody’s going to do anything for you — so you had better start figuring it out on your own. Don’t wait on the govt to find you a job or give you any more handouts.

    You are are running out of excuses and out of time!

  37. Sarah T:

    The problem, Sarah, is that to the extent income disparity and unemployment continue to build the nation unwittingly sets the stage for precisely the sort of instability, chaos, and strife you (rightly) condemn and wish to avoid.

    In the 1930s such desperation led to the rise of fascism, and in the form of Huey Long’s rise it nearly led to comparable extremity in the US.

    It is for precisely this reason that some (I amongst them) would argue that present policies are ill-conceived at best.

  38. Sebastian is my hero!

    And Marc is a very smart man!

    Some others make decent points but the majority are just blabbing senseless junk out of their mouths (or keyboards).

  39. I don’t work on the help desk. And I’m not here to offer advice or solutions. Too many of these people can’t be helped and its all because of their attitudes.

  40. For the record Sarah T, please stop putting words into my mouth. I have said what I had to say, so stop adding something else to the soundtrack. You do not have to keep writing to prove you are a horrible person and waste of time, you have already made that point a few times today. Good luck keeping your job and living off of someone else!

  41. OMG! It’s the UF Friends crowd again! Bunch of whining crying babies. Look at the post count on some of these people – 5,000, 6,000, 7,000. Oh my. They sit around and feel sorry for each other ALL DAY LONG. And when they find an article like this, they go crazy and post over and over again. That site itself makes the unemployed look bad.

  42. TaxPayer – YES it totally is! These guys are the biggest trolls on all unemployment articles on the web. Amazing that they post 7,000 times on forums yet somehow have time to send resumes!

    Stop trolling already!

    Glad someone else sees that besides me!!!

  43. Well let’s see, I send over 20 applications a day. I was at my last job for 7 years before layoffs. I’m certified computer specialist & Electric/computer tech, I’ve applied for McD’s, Wendy’s, Dominoes, Movie theaters, bowling alleys, basic data entry jobs that start off at 7.50hr & I come from making 15hr—Mind U that all these jobs had job postings or was about to grand open & this is not including the endless computer & electronic jobs, cleaning jobs, car wash etc. I have mouths to feed, bills to pay, dept is getting higher, I’ve downgraded to the cheapest, crappiest vehicle U can imagine but it gets me from point A to point B…The sad thing is, there’s “millions” in worse situations than me, so as I count my blessings I still worry and wonder this—How heartless can “this country” be?? We’ll be in the same boat as Egypt if we keep this up. Good luck to all & keep your head up. God “Is” on our side.

  44. FatherOf4:

    Best wishes.

    (That may sound ironic as a post, but I mean it sincerely.)

    The comparison with Egypt is, I think, apt to a greater degree than many might think at first – not that it’s as bad here as yet, of course, and we merely have a dysfunctional and paralyzed democracy (with an autocratic/plutocratic aspect to it). The principal long-standing, long-simmering issue in Egypt, as I understand it, is limited access to jobs and rising inflation.

    These are not issues utterly alien to the US at present and there is the very substantial possibility of their becoming more so in the not-unforeseeable future.

    The sort of social instability one sees in Egypt is the peril, and I for one would prefer to see that peril avoided.

  45. Many of us are just a paycheck away from being in the same boat as the 99ers or the unemployed. Not knowing if you can live in your home another month causes many sleepless nights. Looking at your children and worrying about what the future will bring for a warm home and food on the table if the back mortgages aren’t paid can really choke a parent up.

    Keep applying and stop complaining
    Quit making excuses and trying to defend them.
    It is pretty obvious that you just haven’t tried hard enough. If it is a “pride” issue, then grow a pair, it’s money. You could go to the mall and apply, minimum wage is still money. It won’t put your kids through college, but it’ll keep a roof over their/your heads.

    Good article Mark!


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