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June 28, 2022

Verizon iPhone’s Sold Out, Called The Holy Grail


The wait is almost over. It seems like it has been ages since the iPhone was first introduced by Apple. So far, it has been exclusively a product of AT&T and no other service provider. Subscribers of carriers other than AT&T have been making their voices heard over the years that they want to be able to have an iPhone without switching to AT&T, which is notorious for dropped calls.

On Thursday, at 7 am in the morning, the iPhone will be available for purchase at both Verizon and Apple stores all over America. For the first time ever, non-AT&T customers will be able to get their hands on Apple’s revolutionary smartphone.

The excitement over the phone’s arrival was so big that when Verizon began taking preorders for the new gadget this past Thursday, they sold out by nightfall. As a result, no more preorders were taken by Verizon Wireless.

As for the customers who have not had the chance to preorder, beginning early Wednesday morning at 3:01 am, Verizon subscribers will have another chance to get the phone.

Apple and Verizon did send a few of the new iPhone’s to certain media outlets so they could be reviewed. The phones were sent out prior to the release date because of fear that the Verizon network would lag due to the millions of new people using their new smartphones when they are released.

The main praise that the new device is seeing is coming from its ability to do something that the AT&T version could not: not drop calls.

David Pogue of the New York Times said that in terms of the phone’s power and what it does, it “is nearly the same as AT&T’s iPhone 4,” but he went on to say that “it doesn’t drop calls,” which makes it “the holy grail” to Americans as the issue of dropped calls was the main problem with the AT&T version.

Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal did complain that “AT&T’s network averaged 46% faster at downloaded speeds and 24% faster at upload speeds,” but the Verizon version was better in other areas.

The only other beefs brought up about the new phone have to do with not being able to take a phone call and surf the web at the same time, which customers already knew about, and that the Verizon network, CDMA, is not as internationally used as AT&T’s GSM.

While many may stick to their AT&T guns, it is clear that Verizon’s version of the phone will be labeled a winner.

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