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February 27, 2024

Protest Erupts at UC Berkeley Campus, Racial Matters at the Center of the Issue

Tuesday, from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon, the topic of affirmative action took center stage in front of Sproul Hall at the center of the UC Berkeley campus.

Right now, the bill that would give universities the right to factor in race when deciding who gets admitted and who does not is on the table for Governor Brown of California.

Tuesday, to provide political satire of the bill, the Berkeley College Republicans held a bake sale where the price of cupcakes differed for each student by their race. White students were supposed to pay the most ($2) and all other races less. For what it is worth, those who approached the tables were not held to the prices and towards the end of the event, the baked goods were being handed out for free.

Other students on hand did not find amusement in the claimed satire and instead saw the stunt as racist and deemed it as discrimination.

Whether or not the event is deemed racist or a notable message to the government, Governor Brown is sure to take notice of the actions going down in Berkeley.


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