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June 19, 2024

Obama Talks National Debt, Calls Republicans “On Their Bluff”

Obama Pressed For Economic Reform
Associated Press

Obama Pressed For Economic Reform
Associated Press

San Francisco ( The National debt and deficit have both been issues that the United States of America has always had to deal with. However, since the Presidency of Republican George W. Bush, the national debt and the national deficit have both grown out of control. Thus, the economic problems of the United States were accrued by George Bush and his Republican administration, but are now the responsibility of President Barack Obama and his Democratic Administration.

While President Obama has taken on the challenges presented before him, most of which had to do with cleaning up problems created by the previous Administration, the Republicans appear to be determined to keep Obama from helping America.

As Obama is trying to pass new financial legislation to improve the economy in both the short term, but most importantly the long term, the Republicans are standing in the way even though they claim to have the American economy at the top of their priority list. But President Obama is having trouble believing that claim.

In an interview with CBS’s “Early Show,” Obama said, “We’ve got a lot of debt. We’ve got a lot of deficit. Now the Republicans have said that this is their number one concern. I’m going to call them on their bluff. I want to see their ideas for how we’re going to deal with these issues. I’m going to have a bunch of ideas.”

Obama went on to say that he is surprised that with his proposed plans for small businesses that there is very bipartisan support despite the bills being representative of both Democratic and Republican ideals. Most notably, the United States Senate is where Republicans have been most difficult to work with.

President Obama said, “I am stunned that you can’t get any Republican support for ideas that have been traditionally championed b not just Democrats, but Republicans. And it’s a sign of how politics is getting in the way of good decisions that will put our country in a much stronger position.”

With his hard pressing work, Obama is doing right by the people of America and the economy, but apparently the Republicans aren’t interested in the same ideals.

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