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August 10, 2022

Obama Continues Fight For Small Business, Loses Patience With Republicans

Obama supports small business, blasts Senate Republicans

Obama supports small business, blasts Senate Republicans

San Francisco ( President Barack Obama’s fight to get more financial aid for the struggling small businesses of the United States of America, which Obama has called the backbone of the American economy, has been going on for a while. In fact, the fight has gone on much longer than Obama expected it to. The passage of the bill sounds like a no brainer, but Republicans in the United States Senate are not allowing it to take place in an effort to look as if they are saving money and helping the economy.

However, the efforts of the Republicans in the Senate to block the bill are in fact nothing more than, as President Obama correctly put it, “pure partisan politics.”

Obama’s bill is aimed towards improving the communities of the United States via strengthening the small businesses and the community banks of America. Obama stressed the importance of passing this bill, saying that “too many Americans are still looking for work and too many communities are far from being whole again.”

Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary, said of the situation, “The Republican Party talks a lot about their support for and their helping of small business. I think the question that the President put toward them today is, ‘If that’s what you support, why are you standing in the way of something that small businesses acknowledge would help with their hiring, with their purchasing and with their expansion?’”

In his speech on Monday from Washington D.C., Obama informed the media on some of what the Obama Administration is currently working on.

Obama stressed the efforts to renew the tax cuts for the middle class of the United States of America that were implemented by former President George W. Bush. Obama also talked about the progressions of clean energy and the benefits of the research.

Obama’s plans are expected to not only create more jobs in the near future, temporarily lowering the unemployment rate as the census workers did, but also preparing new industries and environments to create jobs for the long haul, which would in turn boost the economy.

With the November 2nd Midterm Elections coming closer and closer with each passing day, the Republicans continue to play their political positioning games, while President Obama and the Democrats are genuinely concerned with the people of the United States and rebuilding the economy.

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