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September 28, 2022

House Votes On Tax Cuts and Unemployment Benefits Extensions, Turns Down Both

December 10, 2010 Mark Ryabtsev 7

Earlier this week, President Obama and the Republican Party came together and agreed on a package deal that would extend the Bush era tax cuts for all American citizens for the next two years, extend the unemployment benefits as spelled out by the 99 Weeks extension for another thirteen months, reduce the payroll tax by two percent until 2012, a decrease the estate tax as well, and an extension of tax breaks for college students and their families. (…)

Tax Cuts Voted On In Senate, Extension Failed

December 5, 2010 Mark Ryabtsev 1

The talk over the Bush era tax cuts and whether they should extended to all American citizens or just those who do not make at least $250,000 per year has been going on for quite some time now and the time has come for the votes to take place. (…)

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