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June 19, 2024

House Votes On Tax Cuts and Unemployment Benefits Extensions, Turns Down Both


San Francisco ( Earlier this week, President Obama and the Republican Party came together and agreed on a package deal that would extend the Bush era tax cuts for all American citizens for the next two years, extend the unemployment benefits as spelled out by the 99 Weeks extension for another thirteen months, reduce the payroll tax by two percent until 2012, a decrease the estate tax as well, and an extension of tax breaks for college students and their families.

Immediately, Democrats came out in disapproval of the negotiation saying that extending the tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans is unacceptable.

Thursday, the Democrats in the House of Representatives showed their disapproval as well by voting against the bill.

Maryland’s Chris Van Hollen said after the vote, “This message today is very simple. That in the form that it was negotiated, it is not acceptable to the House Democrats caucus. It’s as simple as that.” He then said that the House Democrats do plan to continue negotiations with the Republicans and President Obama “to try and make sure we do something right for the economy and right for jobs”.

Despite the adamancy of the House Democrats, they are overlooking the number one priority in the matter: the citizens of the United States of America.

President Obama agreed to the deal with the Republicans because it was clear from the beginning that the Republicans would not pass a measure that did not extend tax breaks for those making at least $250,000. As a result, Obama agreed to allow Republicans to extend the tax breaks to that group of Americans as part of an agreement that would extend unemployment benefits, reduce the payroll tax, and extend tax breaks for students and their parents.

Obama made a deal knowing that if nothing is done by the time Congress breaks for the holidays, the unemployment benefits would expire, the tax breaks would expire, and taxes would go up on all Americans who would as a result suddenly have to live with thousands of dollars less to pay the bills with.

In essence, Obama did what benefited the American people knowing that come January, it would be even tougher to get his ideas passed in Congress.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives, for whatever reason, on this day did not think that Obama’s plan to help the American people was good enough.

Unless a plan that is better than the one Obama put together with Republicans is put together by House Democrats soon, then those men and women will have some explaining to do to the citizens in their districts who would be taking enormous financial hits come January.

7 Comments on House Votes On Tax Cuts and Unemployment Benefits Extensions, Turns Down Both

  1. Why aren’t THE PEOPLE taking more responsibility for who represents them in Congress? I’d be making petitions, getting them signed and pulling these fools from Congress NOW! We overpay and spoil them, and they forget about our plight, with the crisis and unemployment virtually – and sometimes literally – killing us. Imagine how we help them spend their holidays: sitting with family in a nice home and with plenty of cheer. And they fail to imagine us, those of us who haven’t had the luck or opportunity to be so well off, scraping by and hoping to have something, anything, for the holiday. Our lack of action as THE PEOPLE depresses me.

  2. It is a shame that there are people out there like (ace) who have no heart and don’t care about people who have been working there butt off to find a job to take care of there family. I don’t care what he says I hope that you be put in a position that your little comment affects you and your family!!!!!!!!!!

  3. NO DREAM ACT – leave that thought in their dreams only, their own nightmares – illegals out. Politicians that are liars day after day. Only self serving interests. They make big money while unemployed are starving, no homes, kids in the shelters. Them illegals have more benefits than US born citizens. You pathetic people who sympathize with illegals when veterans are going without. Illegals did nothing to defend this country, but only steal, take, and make trouble. Bye, bye, Obama the worse president, he needs a replacement.

  4. Vote them out BWHAHA really? You think voting will work in our rigged political system! Give me a break AMERICA is over face it. They (TPTB) don’t give a shit about you or your families. Population control is their game and were all players. Flame away , because that will be just as effective as voting. Voting will get us no where all our Government does is lie lie lie. Wake of sheeple our freedom is sinking and their are no more life boats so you better learn to swim well.

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