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May 29, 2020

Potential 2012 Election Outcomes, Part 2, Republican Reemergence

Jay LaPrete/Getty
Jay LaPrete/Getty

We have established that there are a few ways the November elections could turn out this year. Yesterday we discussed the possibility of the Democrats gaining control over Congress and Obama retaining the Presidency. Today, we go over the second possible outcome: Republican reemergence.

It’s been over half a decade since the Republicans enjoyed control over Congress and the Presidency. Currently, the Republicans control the House of Representatives. With the advantage of incumbents, it should not be too difficult for Republicans to maintain control. Unless voters blame Republicans for their lack of compromising with Democrats and linking Republicans to the lack of bills passing, Republicans could easily retain control.

In the Senate, the Republicans are currently 6 seats behind Democrats. However, with 23 Democratic seats and 10 Republican seats up for grabs this year, it would not be too surprising for Republicans to win the needed seats to get 60 and thus have enough votes to bypass any need for Democratic support.

And despite his being a very extreme conservative, Mitt Romney may still have what it takes to overtake Obama.

If all of these cards fall in line, the Republicans could control government and enact all of the bills they want. This could prove disastrous for many progressives in the nation. Romney has vowed to ban abortion and get rid of programs that assist those in need. If Romney has his way, he will take away the ability for million of Americans in their early 20’s to have health insurance and pay for rising education costs at the same time. In essence, Romney would lead the nation to a conservative revolution.

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