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April 07, 2020

Kim Kardashian Attacked, Considering Pressing Charges


At a red carpet event, Kim Kardashian was attacked by a woman. How was she attacked? A woman threw cooking flour onto Kardashian as she was walking down the carpet and posing for photographers and journalists.

Kardashian maintained her composure and calmly walked away with security. It is hard to imagine that Kardashian was not angry as she walked away covered in the white powder.

At first Kardashian was not going to press charges, but she is now rethinking it because she does not “want someone to think they can really get away with that.”

In interviews since the incident, Kardashian has expressed sorrow for the organizers of the event. She has said that she feels terrible that what was supposed to be a big event ended up being ruined by the unfortunate incident. Kim expressed anger towards the woman not for attacking her, but for taking attention away from the women the event was supposed to be about.

There is now concern for future security measures. Many are mentioning how much worse things could have been if it was not flour, but instead a biological weapon, as many white powders do come in the form of white powder.

As a testament to Kardashian’s professionalism, within minutes she cleaned up and rushed back out to the carpet to fulfill her obligations to the organization and speak with attendees.

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