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January 27, 2020

Celebrities Take to Twitter About Casey Anthony Verdict with Outrage

NY Times/Red Huber

With trending topics of #notguilty, #caseyanthonyverdict, Nancy Grace and Jose Baez, thousands of people and celebrities are taking to Twitter to express their outrage at the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial.

Kim Kardashian tweeted “WHAT!!!!???!!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!! I am speechless!!!

Vivica A Fox tweeted “My heart is ripped apart! How dare those idiots on that Jury not see the truth? That b—- killed her kid! Who the hell killed Caylee then?

Mandy Moore: “I’m from orlando and have been hooked on the trial the last few weeks. the defense team was abysmal! this is shocking! poor, poor caylee.” and “Woah! Shocked about the verdict in the casey anthony trial! Thought she was guilty for sure! Either way, tragic story….

Carson Daly: “This is bullsh*t!!

Demi Moore retweeted Jason Pollock: #StillNoJusticeForCaylee

Ashton Kutcher retweeted William Lang: “OJ Simpson finds this verdict outrageous.

Star Jones was one of the few to tweet the other direction – “I believe in the jury system and accept verdict, but I can’t take smiles from Casey Anthony right now. She may be not guilty but her baby is dead!

Ciara tweets “AMERICA! OW!

Jason Biggs: “guess the glove didn’t fit.

Ricki Lake: “I’m disgusted! #notguilty? Oh come on.

Aubrey O’Day: “They said she’s Not Guilty guys. The jury was her maker & that’s the law. I don’t know,my heart hurts. I don’t feel like justice was served.

Cheryl Burke: “Not guilty? Wow! Speechless!!

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