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July 19, 2024

Casey Anthony Verdict In, Not Guilty of Murder – OUTRAGE

Casey Anthony listens to verdict
Casey Anthony listens to verdict

Since 2008, questions about who killed Caylee Anthony, the two-year-old daughter of Casey Anthony have haunted the little girl’s family and community. The top suspect, Casey Anthony, has been on trial for the past six weeks.

After months of defending herself against the terrible murder, Anthony was outrageously found not guilty of the murder on all counts having to do with her child’s death.

It took the five men and the seven women of the jury just over ten hours to reach a verdict after spending over six weeks in the courtroom listening to both sides of the argument.

On the counts pertaining to the murder of her daughter, first-degree murder and a lesser charge, Casey Anthony was found not guilty. As little condolence, she was found guilty of four counts of misdemeanor offenses of lying to officials, which could get her up to four years in prison. Hopefully she gets all four years that she deserves. She will be sentenced Thursday at 9 in the morning by Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. of Orange County.

The moment that the verdict was read, Anthony broke out in tears, as mobs outside the courthouse were enraged.

Casey Anthony is the same woman who lied profusely to police after the disappearance of her daughter, partied for thirty days straight with her friends and her boyfriend, got the tattoo “Bella Vita” (translation beautiful life) while knowing her daughter was missing, Google searched “chloroform”, neck breaking and other incriminating terms among many other suspicious activities.

Jose Baez, Anthony’s lawyer, said after the verdict was read, “There are no winners in this case. Caylee has passed on far, far too soon.” He went on to say, “Casey did not murder Caylee. It’s that simple. And today, our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction.”

Shockingly, the twelve-person jury decided that there was not enough evidence to honestly say that the 25-year-old Anthony did in fact abuse and murder her daughter.

The prosecution described an ugly series of events where Anthony allegedly chloroformed her daughter, suffocated her with duct tape, and left the body in the trunk of her car. Evidently, the jury did not believe there was enough evidence to convict. We all can’t wait to hear what the questionable jury was thinking!

The defense said that Caylee drowned in a swimming pool in July of 2008 and Anthony was frightened so she frantically disposed of the body in fear of a potential outcry of how careless she was to allow such an event to happen. The defense also accused her father, George Anthony, of molesting Casey; and hinted that her brother may be the father of Casey’s daughter when asking if his DNA was tested in conjunction of Caylee.

America sees this as an unbelievable miscarriage of justice, with much outrage to come. Unfortunately, as far as official documents are to be concerned, Casey Anthony is not a murderer.

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16 Comments on Casey Anthony Verdict In, Not Guilty of Murder – OUTRAGE

  1. So f***ing pist at this verdict!! This is the worst case in history and Casey deserves life in prison. What a horrible jury!

  2. There is obviously something seriously wrong with the American jury system. And I’m not surprised when ignorant people such as Bush and Palin are held up to be the best that a population of 300 million could hope for to represent them in these most challenging times.

  3. Are you kidding me???!!

    Yes it was circumstantial but so are most murder trials. There was enough evidence to convict imo.

  4. How wonderful that a little girl can rot in a swamp while her mother parties, and then get the final slap in the face by receiving no justice for her murder. Obviously her life meant as little to these 12 ignorant jurors as it did to her whore of a mother.

    • I’m still in shock! None of the jurrors would even face the media afterwards,what a bunch of cowards!! Casey’s family disgusted me too through out the trial with lie after lie trying to cover for her,yet want us to believe they were great grandparents and loved little Caylee.

    • Not only did Caylee’s life mean nothing to her mother, it meant nothing to our court system, lawyers, a jury etc.
      If a mother parties for 31 days and can’t find her daughter, what does that say. People have always been convicted on circumstantial evidence, and there was plenty here but where the judge won’t allow certain info in the case to be showed to the jury, how can you possibly prove the truth while it is looking you in the face. The American People need to force the Government into retryng this case. And no one should buy one single book by her or go to a movie so she can benefit and make millions on this case. Let her rot.

  5. Casey may walk free, but anyone with an ounce of sense knows that she killed her child because the child was a burden to the single, swinging mom.

    The truth is that Casey Anthony is a murderer. This is why everyone is outraged.

    • I want to know why some murderers walk and others don’t. there as enough evidence, just thru her behavior to prove she didn’t care where her daughter was. She probably knew she was dead. When will this country learn. I refuse to read up on these cases anymore, I no longer believe in our system, it doesn’t work. It is a war of words in the courtroom with the lawyers acting out their parts. Whoever wins the oscar wins the case. I want a retrial and keep that bitch in Florida no one wants her around. I hope she sits alone for the rest of her life.

  6. The fact that somebody was not convicted of capital murder based on circumstancial evidence means that our criminal justice system works. Like it or not, the standard is reasonable doubt. I have renewed faith in the justice system.

    • Get real, the majority of the people say there wasn’t any reasonable doubt. She is guilter than guilty. Karma through will get her and her attorney’s like OJ, Kardashian and Cochran. Get it.

  7. She’s never be able to live life without this handing over her to she dies, that might be worse than jail. Her life is over, in jail or out of jail, as it should be. Karma will catch up to her attorneys too.

  8. In or out of jail, her concious would eat her alive. She is a disgrace to the public eye, and she will never live a normal life without admitting that she did it. The people are outraged.

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