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June 19, 2024

Take Advantage of Free Shipping Friday & Super Saturday

If you still need to finish some last minute holiday shopping but do not feel like going out to the stores and fighting with the crowds then why not take advantage of National Free Shipping Day to finish your last minute shopping.  This is actually the third year in a row that retailers have teamed up to offer free shipping and guaranteed delivery by December 24th.

According to the Free Shipping Day website, over 1,500 retailers have agreed to offer free shipping to their customers today.  Of those 1,500 stores, one thousand of them including name brands such as Neiman Marcus,, L.L. Bean, Zappos, Barnes & Noble, and The Body Shop will be offering free shipping on any order with no minimum purchase required.  Another 700 stores will be offering free shipping as well, but with some restrictions.

According to consumer behavior tracking website WalletPop, 37% of holiday shoppers plan to take advantage of these free shipping deals by completing their holiday shopping lists on Free Shipping Day.  Also, WalletPop states that over 60% of the participating stores will be offering shipping at no cost without any purchase requirements.

Free Shipping Day has turned into a yearly ritual that is a great benefit to holiday shoppers.  With many Americans struggling to pay the bills these days any chance to save some extra money is welcomed and Free Shipping Day is a great way to save a little money on your holiday gifts.  Sometimes you have to buy your holiday items online as the stores do not have your color, size or item even in stock.  While shopping online can be extremely convenient, online shopping can also be more expensive because of the shipping costs.  With Free Shipping Day, consumers know that they will be able to order the majority of their gifts online without paying extra money for shipping and will still receive those items before the holiday.  This peace of mind can go a long way during the stressful holiday period.

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