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September 24, 2023

Palin Criticizes Obama’s State of the Union Address, Says ‘WTF?’


This week, President Barack Obama delivered his second State of the Union address. In it, he addressed all of the current issues the United States of America is facing.

From the economy to the problems in the Middle East to the ongoing debate over health care, President Obama talked about it all.

He then told the people of the United States exactly what he believes needs to be done in order to get out of the economic hole we are in as a nation. He cited innovation, education, and production as the top goals.

He also opened the door for members of both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to come to him if they have any ideas or suggestions that would improve the current situation.

While many Americans were pleased with Obama’s speech and the message he conveyed to the country, there was one person who was not.

That person was Sarah Palin.

Palin said in an interview with FOX News, the State of the Union address was full of “a lot of WTF moments.”

Palin, who has been the butt of numerous jokes over the course of the last two years, decided to try to turn the tables on Obama and his administration by making fun of the new slogan being used at the White House: Winning the Future.

Palin said in her interview with FOX News, “His theme last night was WTF, winning the future. I thought, okay, that acronym, spot on.”

Palin said that in her eyes, the time she really felt that the WTF acronym was appropriate was when Obama said that we must take action before the national debt grows larger than it already has.

The former Governor of Alaska said, “That right there tells you he is so disconnected from reality. The problem is, we are buried under a mountain of debt and jobs cannot be created by the private sector.”

However, Palin did not explain how jobs can’t come from the private sector.

While Sarah Palin is only doing her job by going out and trying to promote the Republican Party, and doing so does require talking down President Obama’s speech in the modern political world, she might want to reconsider her decision to make fun of the Democratic Party.

Palin has said some of the most outlandish, incorrect, and inappropriate comments ever uttered by a politician. One would think that after the mistakes she has made, she would hold back from trying to be funny by joking about a slogan that happens to have an unfortunate acronym.

1 Comment on Palin Criticizes Obama’s State of the Union Address, Says ‘WTF?’

  1. Palin really qualifies as a “creature” in my book, not quite human, not quite sentient or event sapient, but kind of interesting to watch from the perspective of being entertained by an animal’s unusual behavior.

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