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May 22, 2024

Obama Visits Russia

President Barack Obama was in Moscow, Russia on Monday to meet with the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev. Following the meeting, the two addressed the Russian media in a press conference held at Moscow’s Grand Kremlin Palace.

Obama told the Russian President what he believes should happen for the overall betterment of the Soviet nation. Obama told Medvedev that Russia needs to protect property rights more to increase investment in the nation and a free press as well. Obama also said there needs to be courts that are independent and stronger opposition in politics in order to decrease the likelihood of corruption in the government.

However, the way in which President Obama addressed the issue was not by preaching his beliefs to the Russian people or by criticizing any of their ways, but instead by praising Medvedev’s already present goals of bettering his nation.

Despite Obama’s positive talks with the current president, he still does not see eye to eye with the former Soviet President Vladimir Putin, who is the current Russian Prime Minister. Obama has stated before that Putin needs to stop fighting the ongoing democracy reforms and get both of his feet out of the Cold War mind set.

Obama also mentioned that he would not stop taking notice of human rights tactics used in Russia and the alarming discrimination and murder of journalists.

Even though Obama does object to the ways of the Russian government, he did say that, “I think it is improper for outsiders to interfere in the legal processes of Russia.”

The United States President and the Russian President appeared to have gotten along very well and spent hours together in meetings on Monday, followed by the news conference, then a dinner together. The two also prepared to spend most of Tuesday attending numerous events in the area to represent the improved relationship between the United States and Russia.

Still, Obama is scheduled to spend at least a 90-minute Tuesday breakfast with Vladimir Putin. Putin still holds a lot of influence over the Russian people and Obama called his talks with him to be the most important part of his visit to Russia.

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