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June 19, 2024

Obama Discusses Russia, The Supreme Court, and Michael Jackson

President Obama spoke with the Associated Press on a variety of topics on Thursday including international relations, the Supreme Court, and other issues in the United States.

President Barack Obama said on Thursday that while former Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is no longer the head of the Soviet nation, he still possesses much influence over the country.

Obama is scheduled to go to Moscow next week and hopes to address the fact that the Cold War is long over and that the United States and Russia need to be on the same page. Obama said “Putin has one foot in the old ways of doing business and one foot in the new.” Hopes are that Putin and the new Russian President agree with Obama and move past Cold War tactics of how to approach the United States.

Obama is meeting with not only former President Putin, but also his personally selected successor, Dmitry Medvedev.

On the subject of the Supreme Court and it’s involvement in the progression of racial equality in the United States, Obama stated that affirmative action is no longer to be held in such high importance. Obama said that affirmative action is not the problem or solution that many people think it is. However, Obama did address the fact that race does play a part in admission to college and chances of getting a job in parts of the nation.

The discussion went on to the top news story in the world, as well as the most searched story in the history of the Internet, the passing of entertainment legend Michael Jackson. Obama touted Jackson, calling his work brilliant. Obama expressed his penchant for Jackson’s music by saying “I still have all his stuff on my iPod.” Obama concluded his thoughts on the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, by saying, “I’m glad to see that he is being remembered primarily for the great joy that he brought to a lot of people through his extraordinary gifts as an entertainer.”

As more insight was asked about the personal life of Obama, the man whose approval ratings are still high after six months of being President informed the world that both he and his wife Michelle have a high affinity for the White House chef’s pie, which Obama called “The best pie I have ever tasted.” When asked a common question among basketball fans, “Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?” Obama quickly responded “Michael.”

On Sunday, Obama will leave for Russia, which will be followed with a meeting of the international community in Italy, then a trip to Africa, Obama’s first as President of the United States.

An interview with the President could not end without mention of the current issues in both Iran and North Korea. Obama said he was happy with Russia for being on the same side as the United Nations in trying to get Iran and North Korea to end their nuclear weapon programs.

Much like his work in the United States of America, Obama urges the international community that “it’s time to move forward in a different direction.”

The unemployment rate was also addressed. Obama said that he was worried about the current situation, but still has faith in the stimulus package succeeding and the economy turning around.

While success was not immediate, faith is still high in the package and it’s ability to help America rise up once again.

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