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November 27, 2022

Obama Visits Ohio, Defends Economy

Obama Stops In Ohio

Obama Stops In Ohio

San Francisco ( The state of Ohio has long been one of the most important states in terms of elections. The swing state has always been one that both Republicans and Democrats have highly coveted. So it was a no-brainer for the President of the United States of America to go to Ohio to help promote the Democratic message to the voters on the fence.

Wednesday, President Barack Obama came to the Midwestern state in order to reassure the citizens of Ohio that the Democrats are in fact turning things around economically. The trip is Obama’s ninth to Ohio so far in his political career.

The men and women of Ohio, who elected President Obama to his current seat two years ago, are starting to lean away from Democrats according to recent polls.

This can be attributed to the rise in the unemployment rate from six percent to over ten percent in the last twenty months. The current number is nearly half of one percent higher than the American average. Republicans in the state are already pinning the blame on Democrats.

Obama spoke highly of his stimulus package, financial reforms, and healthcare reforms.

Obama explained to the crowd that “the economy is now growing. We’ve made progress, but let’s face it- the progress hasn’t been fast enough. Slowly but surely, we are moving in the right direction.”

Obama then fundraised for Governor Ted Strickland, whose ratings have been falling in Ohio. Strickland is set to fight to keep his seat against Republican John R. Kasich.

Strickland is just one of numerous political figures in Ohio that are fighting for their positions in office this election term. Republicans, many of whom have already held seats in Office and some who worked under former President George W. Bush, are coming on strong in their attempt to control the swing state, as well as the majority in the United States Congress.

With the support of President Barack Obama, Democrats in the state are hoping to maintain their seats and fend off the Republican onslaught as the citizens of Ohio are getting more and more concerned with the economy and unemployment rate.

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