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August 09, 2022

Obama Unveils New Security Strategy

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National security was the main focus of the Obama administration Thursday. The announcement included a call for the government to take a more active role on topics such as the economy and the changing climate. Most importantly, Obama called for a stronger effort when it comes to countering terrorism.

The National Security Strategy presented by Obama and written by Benjamin Rhodes, who is an aide in the White House, takes a different approach to the United States’ role in the world than was expressed by former President Bush four years ago. Bush focuses mostly on fighting terror, but Obama says that combating terror is “only one element of our strategic environment and cannot define America’s engagement with the world.”

Also, expressed in Obama’s fifty-two page document is that the United States needs to be more respectful to treaties and the customs of the different countries and cultures of the world. Furthermore, plans to improve relations with China, India, and Brazil are also outlined. The goal is to help growing countries evolve and to make sure that all states take care of their fair share of the world’s problems. And much to the dismay of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the document also calls for the limitation of spending on military in the Middle east, which would result in those countries contributing more to compensate for the reduced American role.

The document, which was produced by combining the Obama administration’s previous statements and speeches, also stresses an increased emphasis on education in America and reducing international energy dependency. The hope is to noticeably reduce the national debt by becoming more independent and efficient at the same time.

The National Security Strategy also draws attention to possible problems arising via the Internet and natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados.

The document is a much-needed upgrade from President Bush’s version. Obama’s views provide a more sophisticated and realistic view on modern issues. With the strategies constructed by the Obama administration, the people of the United States can now take a breathe of relaxation as it is now clear what steps Obama and his cabinet are planning to take next.

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