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May 28, 2022

Obama Inspects Oil Spill

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President Barack Obama has left his office in Washington D.C. to visit Grand Isle, Louisiana. Obama is there to see for himself what exactly is going on as a result of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Obama recognizes that the impact left by the ongoing spillage is monumental. Obama said that the attempt to stop the spill and clean it up “has already been the largest cleanup effort in U.S. history.”

Minimal success has been seen so far from the cleanup efforts as the “top kill” plan is underway. To stop to flow of oil, BP’s Tony Hayward, their chief executive officer, organized the procedure to plug the well with mud. The plan called for mud to be pumped into the well with immense pressure and the spill was stopped.

While the leak has been concealed and neither oil nor gas is spilling into the Mexican Gulf anymore, Hayward has stated that impact on the Gulf of Mexico is projected to be an “environmental catastrophe.”

Friday, more efforts to stop any leaks took place. In addition to the mud pumping, shredded rubber and golf balls were used to try to plug the well.

Obama is leading the way in fixing the issue. Obama stated, “I ultimately take responsibility for solving this crisis. I’m the president and the buck stops with me.”

As the long-term issues resulting from this historical oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico cannot be determined just yet, it is clear that the clean up effort and damage repair will be colossal. The environmental and economic costs to the United States, especially the south, have yet to be calculated, but it is clear that President Obama has taken this challenge head on and will not rest until a successful plan is implemented to correct the matter.

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