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August 10, 2022

Obama Grades Himself, Feels More Work Needs To Be Done

Obama Grades Himself With an Incomplete

Obama Grades Himself With an Incomplete

San Francisco ( Every single citizen of the United States of America has an opinion of the job President Barack Obama has done thus far. And much can be said about the work of Obama. Many are in favor of his new policies and bills. Some feel that what he has done is not nearly enough. A few are not happy at all with any of what Obama has done. And then there are those who are just happy that former President George W. Bush is no longer in office.

But even President Obama has an evaluation for himself thus far in his first term as President of the United States.

After a year and a half of being President, Barack Obama has looked over what he has wanted to do and what he has done and declared that he has given himself a grade thus far in his term and it is “incomplete,” as he told CBS’ “Sunday Morning.”

Obama made it clear that the economy is his chief concern at the moment and he will judge his success based on the restoration of the American economy.

On the subject of the economy, Obama said, “we still have a long way to go. People have every right to be scared, to be angry, to be frustrated. I don’t expect the American people to be satisfied when we’re only half of the way back.”

Obama knows that people won’t be happy until a full recovery is made. He also knows that in this time of economic, as well as legislative problems, in America, the brunt of problems will be put on his lap.

Obama said he knew that “one of the things when you’re President is folks are going to direct attention when things aren’t going right at you.”

Obama can still be proud of his successes in bringing back the American auto industry, bringing health care reform, and keeping America away from a true depression.

While he gives himself an incomplete, the work of President Obama is greater than most Presidents in history and he isn’t even half of the way done with his first term.

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