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May 28, 2022

Obama Supports Americans With Disabilities, Celebrates Anniversary

San Francisco ( On Monday, President Barack Obama celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Disabilities Act. The Act, which was signed by former President George Bush the elder on July 26th, 1990, provides anti-discrimination policies for those who have disabilities, whether they are mental or physical disabilities. Obama also told reporters that his Administration would increase its focus on bringing in, hiring, and keeping men and women with disabilities to work in the government.

To further his promise to the people of the United States of America, Obama signed a new policy that would have the government create a new procedure for hiring people that have mental and physical limitations.

In addition, President Obama also introduced numerous new measures that would bring an end to the discrimination against those with disabilities in the United States.

The first measure by Obama will make it mandatory, starting the year 2012, that any construction begun then must have designs for elevators, windows, restrooms, and doors to better suit the disabled. These requirements go to all forms of new building construction.

The goal of Obama is to ensure the disabled people of the United States with more self-sufficiency and thus making them depend less on the support of others. As President Obama put it, “Not dependence, but independence. That’s what the disabilities law was all about.”

Obama has touted the bill as one of the most important ones for the people of the United States to have been passed. Of former President Bush’s role in passing the bill, Obama said, “he was very humble about his own role, but I think it’s worth acknowledging the great work that he did.”

And with the new measures added by President Barack Obama, the people living in the United States with either physical and/or mental disabilities can now live their lives with more confidence and independence. With the passing of the new measures, the disabled citizens of the United States can be assured that discrimination of them is going to become a thing of the past thanks to President Barack Obama.

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  1. I admire the Obama administration for creating programs and opportunities for disabled people. Hopefully more programs would be introduced to create more options and choices for disabled people.

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