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January 19, 2022

Obama Supports Finance Bill, Blasts Republicans

San Francisco ( For most of his Presidency, Barack Obama has been fairly tolerant of Republicans playing political games and trying to distance themselves from all of his policies and avoiding all bipartisanship in legislature. But as the games have continued, the President of the United States of America is becoming less and less patient with the Republicans standing in between him and the policies he wishes to implement. And on Monday, President Barack Obama made it clear to each and every Republican that when it comes to their political maneuvering, enough is finally enough.

As Republicans in the United States Senate are currently standing in the way of the passing of a new finance bill pertaining to the involvement of corporations and foreign institutions in American campaigning, President Obama told the media that “you’d think that reducing corporate and even foreign influence over our elections would not be a partisan issue.”

As a vote is scheduled to be conducted on Tuesday in the Senate, Democrats are becoming nervous about a potential filibuster by the Republicans bringing the hope of the new bill being passed to a halt. The vote is only a vote to choose whether the debating on the bill should end and the Senate should proceed to a final vote as well.

Some Republicans, like the Senator of Maine, Susan Collins, do not like the bill because of the lack of strict regulations on labor unions, which are more often associated with Democrats. According to a member from Collins’ office, Obama’s bill “would provide a clear and unfair advantage to unions.”

The status of Senator Collins’ vote is vital due to the fact that she is one of the few Republicans in the Senate who has a history of voting in favor of Democratic bills and proposals. Without the support of Collins, the chances of the bill passing lessens drastically.

The Senate has already altered the version of the bill that was passed by the United States House of Representatives by tightening the restrictions on the labor unions in order to appeal to Republicans more so that they would support the Senate version of the bill.

With the changes made by the Senate, there is no other excuse for the Republicans to not go with the bill other than for political purposes. And that is exactly what President Barack Obama is calling the Republicans out on.

Obama said the Republicans are “using every tactic and every maneuver they can to prevent it from even coming up for an up or down vote,” and that “we can’t afford these political games.” Obama said that without the reforms, an invitation is automatically extended to special interests groups to continue to influence elections in the United States of America as they have to terrible consequences in the past.

Obama is looking to make the government work for the citizens of the United States and not for the men and women of the corporations that contribute the most funds to the men and women who attain seats in office.

Obama made it clear that “this is an issue that goes to whether or not we’re going to have a government that works for ordinary Americans, a government by and for the people.”

With the midterm elections coming up on November 2nd, the President and his fellow Democrats cannot afford to waste time in the Senate trying to avoid a filibuster on a bill that needs to be passed. The games of the Republican Party are finally becoming too much for President Obama to tolerate and on Tuesday, he hopes to take his campaign finance bill to the next level for a final vote with or without the games.

President Obama is working for a very important thing to happen this week: the assurance that the American government works for the American people.

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2 Comments on Obama Supports Finance Bill, Blasts Republicans

  1. I think President Obama is doing a good job so far in leading the nation. s long as he stays focused and not get affected by these Republican then everything should work out right.

  2. Are you kidding me? Have you followed anything that has gone on in this Country for the past year and a half? Please educate yourself before you make those kinds of comments… There are currently about 28% of Americans that feel the way you do and once they get educated about what is going on that percentage drops…

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