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December 09, 2022

Obama Cracks Down On Illegal Immigration, Deports Record Amounts

San Francisco ( Immigration has been one of the most prominent hot button issues in the United States of America in all of its existence, but much more in recent history. With the population of the United States soaring and the number of jobs available to American’s dwindling down with each passing year, more people are taking notice of illegal immigration. This information is not lost upon President Barack Obama and his Administration.

As Obama and his Administration are looking to revolutionize the illegal immigration laws in the United States of America in a positive way, there has been a significant increase of deportation of illegal immigrants from the United States.

In addition to cracking down on the men and women who entered the United States illegally, Obama is also taking action against all of the companies and businesses that use the services of illegal immigrants knowing that they are undocumented people.

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency has reported that in the 2010 financial year an approximate four hundred thousand illegal immigrants are going to be deported. The Bush Administration deported ten percent less illegal immigrants on average, including a staggering 25 percent less in 2007 alone. According to officials, the 400,000 men and women who are to be deported are the most that the current court system that takes care of illegal immigration can deal with per year.

President Obama is working hard “to make our national laws actually work,” as he said at American University in a speech earlier in July. The policies implicated by Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer have been deemed as highly invasive and inappropriate by the public as well as Obama and his Administration. Obama’s new plans will deport the known illegal immigrants while also giving the rest a chance to apply for citizenship legally after paying a fine and registering with the government, as well as beginning to pay taxes. Overall, Obama’s plan will take care of all of the problems associated with the projected eleven million illegal immigrants in the United States.

Obama’s plan is also expected to gain support from Republicans who have been adamantly in favor of combating illegal immigration into the United States. However, Republicans are not pleased that President Barack Obama has not deployed troops to the Mexican border in order to keep any potential illegal immigrants from entering through Mexico.

Obama’s new policies do focus on cracking down on criminals and those who cross the border illegally multiple times in order to further protect the United States.

Unlike the Bush Administration, Obama has taken a more respectful way of handling illegal immigrants. In his last year in office, Bush captured 5,100 immigrants at their place of work, while Obama only caught 765, but instead audited their employers. A total of 2,875 companies were audited for a total of 6.4 million dollars in fines. In addition, Obama is creating a projected 423 more jails and prisons to hold illegal immigrants by the year 2013. Those will most likely house the 240,000 undocumented residents who have are convicted criminals of which most are still in the United States.

With the hard work of President Barack Obama and his administration, the goal will be to change the focus of handling illegal immigration from putting up fences and sending innocent men and women away, to assembling a new system where illegal immigrants will pay fines, taxes, register with the state, and go through the citizenship process, while also cracking down on the illegal immigrants who are convicted felons. As the statistics of the 2010 fiscal year say, the new policies of President Obama have already had a positive impact and will only bring more positive results for the United States of America.

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7 Comments on Obama Cracks Down On Illegal Immigration, Deports Record Amounts

  1. With all due respect I am going to share my opinion:
    I have no kids,I can not afford kids at the moment. I would not have kids if I could not give them a good life.Illegal immigrants rely on our taxpayers to take care of them.Also…several parts of California are infested with crime and gangs.Mainly…90% of them are of Mexican or Central American nations. Illegally in the US.Many neighborhoods in California have turned into slums.Our taxes are the highest in the nation,not only federal but state also….not counting the taxes at the pump,the sales tax and other taxes that I fail to mention….even the cellphones are over taxed….car registration….insurance…toll roads…utilities…property.We do not have money because we have to take care of prisons,schools,medical care,housing,food stamps and others. Example : at my company there is a 23 year old illegal worker…makes 15 dollars an hour….has two kids and is waiting for another one.Hates Americans regardless of race. Does not speaks English….has a brand new Ford F-250; at the same time he gets welfare and food stamps,subsidized housing and others….his kids health and birth are taken care of by the state .I lost my job a while so I have to work for like 12 an hour,I use no government services because I have Pride and will not accept anything for three or beg.I will do better,but you know what guys…every time you go to a work place and illegals work there ….they will not hire you. The architectural company in front of mine has legal workers,YES.Not even one real American…Japanese,Turkish, Mexican,Chinese and others,maybe illegal who knows.But a lot of US citizens have no jobs,it does not makes sense.I do not understand why we are not first. It has been happening for a long time and it is getting really bad now.We could argue about, but if I try to work at a Golf Club or Restaurant the jobs are already taken by illegals. What is in the future for us?I think that the borders should be close and illegals should be booted. Just because it is the right thing to do. I do not agree on the benefits that they bring,there are no benefits.Maybe for large companies and Mc Donalds.Bloomberg.Not for us the middle class. We need our jobs back….MR. PRESIDENT OBAMA…the middle class voted for you to fix this problems,CHANGE!…that is what we wanted….I voted for you. This is not change. This subordination to higher interests is not what I voted for. I voted to bring the US back not destroy it.

  2. The United States should take over Mexico.Make it a part of the US.That would solve a lot of problems,and we would have a bigger army.

  3. HAR!HAR!HAR! What a lame try to make Obama look tough on illegal Aliens.
    First of all, This nonsense of “We will get rid of all the criminal aliens and hang on to the rest” is a royal crock! You see, The “criminal”- as in those that have commited a fellony I asume- Is only a small dot in the massive sea of illegal aliens currently in the U.S. So, removing Oh, a few hundred thousand if that leaves around ten million here. And as an American construction worker, I can honestly say, I’m not scared of the few that build bombs, I’m terrified of the millions that build houses! Now, knock off the hustle and enforce the law that was intended to control the amount of workers in different sectors of labor as to ensure the Citizen and legal immigrants of this country never become overwhelmed by the billions of workers around the globe that wish for a job in a rich Nation. Without enforcement of immigration law for all, regardless of character, race, color, or creed… the result is chaos. And chaos is harmful to all.

  4. You know what, one way to solve this is to cut the income source of illegal immigrants. A law should be made to make it a crime for any individual or company to hire illegal immigrants. This way, illegal immigrants would have no choice but to return to whichever country they came from.

  5. Um, Jim… We already have such laws. Current immigration and labor law clearly states that any foreign national working in the U.S. shall hold a valid work visa. There is a real easy answer…”obey the damn law of a foreign Nation!” Done.

  6. Obama can’t send troops to the border because the recent “hate crimes” bill explicitly gives the attorney general the power to prosecute guards even while acting “under color of law” attempting to apprehend an individual on basis of “national origin” while crossing a “state or international border”.

  7. Wow, thats all i can say after i’ve read these people comments… in my opinion i do believe illegal people make up this country and do the jobs that the rest of the american citizens won’t do, like take care of old people and clean up houses. The illegal people that came up here and got into trouble and is now in jail deserve whatever they get because they got a chance to do better and didn’t but that was there own personal choice. On the other hand what about the other illegal people that came to the united states to better themseleves and is doing just that, what about the people that abide by the laws,or the teenagers that went to school since they where little kids and thats all they know is the united states. Or the ones who had to pay for college out of pocket and did so good in college even graduated and now they can’t find a job because of some stupid laws that stopping people from hiring them.It’s not okay and it’s stopping people from doing better for themselves, not everybody that came to the united states is here to destroy the country, give others a chance because one of your friends or your child friends could be an illegal immigrant and you don’t even know it, everybody deserve a chance and deserve to make better for themseleves regardless of where they are from and there reasons for coming to the united states.

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