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May 28, 2022

Obama Presses For Change, Pelosi On His Side

San Francisco ( The midterms elections are coming on quickly and the Obama Administration is well aware. As the Democratic incumbents and candidates are preparing for the November 2nd election, there is no doubt that they are losing some of their support and need to go into overdrive in order to maintain the majority in both the House of Representative and the Senate of the United States. And as the Obama Administration has been going around the nation promoting the various Democratic Party members, a major stop took place on Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Netroots Nation convention, which is a convention for liberal activists in the United States of America, was addressed by President Barack Obama, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, as well as other Democratic leaders.

President Obama made it clear that he agreed with the activists that “change hasn’t come fast enough.” He told them that he too is upset with how long it is taking to pass legislature and how slow of a process it is for his policies to take effect in America. But President Obama is determined to “finish what we’ve started.”

Obama cited all of the progressions already made in the first year and a half of his first term as President of the United States and the struggles that he and his administration have went through in order to get that change. As Obama put it in his videotaped address, “change is hard, but if we’ve learned anything these past 18 months, it’s that change is possible.”

Obama clearly stated that “in ways large and small we’ve begun to deliver on the change we fought so hard for.” Obama cited the closing of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and a major movement towards the end of combat in Iraq.

The three day long convention was attended by over two thousand liberals who despite Obama’s comments, still have some reservations about whether or not the Obama Administration is truly behind the Congressional Democratic majorities.

Many of the activists feel that the current Democrats in office are not working as hard as they should be for the people of the United States. As Markos Moulitsas said, “there’s a lot of Democrats I’ll be happy to see go. We’re not getting much done with 59, so if we’re down to 54 who cares?” And Moulitsas is not alone in that thinking.

Some liberal activists argue that Obama and his colleagues did not press hard in enough in the fights for health care reform, Wall Street reform, and economic issues. Despite the fact that these reforms would have never happened if Obama was not the Head of State, some are still unhappy with the compromises that were made in order to get the reforms passes.

Nancy Pelosi made that clear to the attendees of the convention. When talking about all of the reforms and policies made by Obama, she made it clear that “this doesn’t happen in a Republican Congress. Understand what is at risk when we go into these elections one hundred days from tomorrow.”

With the support of high Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and most importantly the President of the United States of America Barack Obama, the Democratic Party members seem to be regaining any lost ground in the days leading to the midterm elections on November 2nd.

With the remaining scheduled trips to help campaign for Congressional Democrats, President Obama and the rest of the members of his administration are sure to be pressing hard to keep the majority in both the House of Representatives as well as the Senate on the side of the Democrats. And in only 100 days, we will know whether or not the hard work of the Obama Administration will be worth it.

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