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January 17, 2022

Obama Alters Cuba Travel Policies

On Monday, President Obama took away all of the restrictions on American citizens visiting their relatives in Cuba. The policy has previously stood for half a century.

The measure was meant to not only benefit American’s with family in Cuba, but to also ease the long lasting tensions between the United States and the island. Furthermore, intent in Obama’s move also marks the beginning of Cuba’s entrance into modern, non isolated times.

Obama also intends to bring more “humanitarian items directly to the Cuban people” says White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. More information is also hoped to flow in and out of Cuba to further the end of Cuban isolation.

Obama hopes that with the progressions made by the United States government that the Cuban government will also advance and become democratic.

There are, however, limitations on the act. No gifts will be permitted to be sent to upper level Cuban officials or those associated with the Communist Party. Also, American citizens who are not of Cuban descent are still restricted from traveling to the nation.

Obama’s motion has come under attack though. Some are criticizing the changing of the long-standing policy and that the United States should not be meddling with Cuba and their government.

Obama initially promised to ease the restrictions imposed by the American foreign policy on Cuba, and this is yet another campaign promise made by President Obama that he has delivered on.

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