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April 19, 2024

Obama Addresses Immigration

President Barack Obama is looking forward to making reforms in the current immigration situation in the United States. Obama is looking for support on legislation from both parties to help progress the immigration situation.

Initial plans are scheduled to be unveiled as soon as May. However, the vote on the proposed legislation is not first priority nor is it definitely going to happen in 2009. Obama and his administration still have their energy focused on other issues such as health care, the economy, and progression in energy.

The proposed legislation would make the estimated twelve million illegal immigrants currently in the United States legal citizens. On the flip side, Obama hopes to make any more illegal immigration a non-factor for America. President Obama looks to strengthen the borders, work with the Mexican government, and remove the current incentives for any foreigners to illegally enter the United States.

The issue of immigration is another one of Obama’s initial campaign promises and as with many of the others, he is delivering on his word.  Obama has always been supportive of progress in immigration in America. He voted for a 700 mile long fence to be constructed on the border between Mexico and the United States as well as supporting former President Bush’s immigration policies.

Despite the benefits of legalizing the immigrants who already live inside the United States borders, some are still pointing out the adverse effects of passing the legislation.

Legalizing illegal immigrants would produce an economic jolt in America as well as take away the shadow that has long been hovering over the heads of over ten million people living in the United States.

While it is not at the top of the agenda for the Obama administration, the issue of immigration is one that they will take care of as promised.

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3 Comments on Obama Addresses Immigration

  1. Currently my husband is going through the legalization process, he entered into the United States back in 1999. We are waiting desperatley for the immigration legislation to change for the current immigrants to become natuaralized.
    We have three little kids and as parents, we only ask to give them the best. My husband is not a criminal nor does he plan to ruin his status in any way. Just a regular man trying to give his family the best. I guess that is why he came to the United States, to have a better life.
    I understand this is not top priority for our country right now, but we do pray to God for some hope.
    Thank you for letting me express my concerns on the immigration topic.

  2. i really hope he does something for the people that needs him and bring us hope and not have to hide our faces like millions do, and be proud to be an American, i love this country..

  3. Apparently Obama has never seen “Scarface”. What happened when the borders were opened up to the Cubans? Several thousand immigrants flooded our shores; and not just Cubans, but various latin nationals. Obama is going to fuel the same dilemma. Amnesty for 12 million illegals! By the time he’s begun the process – it will be 14 or 15 million. It won’t just be latino’s either. Asians will hit the West Coast, Arab nationals will hit the East Coast. Obama is either an idiot, or callow and just follows the will of idiots!

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