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January 19, 2022

North Korea Attacks South Korea, First Direct Attack Since 1950’s



San Francisco ( Early Tuesday, one of the worst fears of South Korea was realized. After decades of tension, but no direct warfare, North Korea launched an attack on South Korea. The Korean War, which essentially is still ongoing due to no treaty ever being signed, is feared to be restarted in the near future.

Yeonpyeong Island was hits with a hundred rounds of ammo, leading to the deaths of two marines and fifteen more injured troops. In addition, the surrounding homes were set on fire. The local forest was also set in flames.

In turn, South Korea used up over eighty rounds of ammunition to combat the attack. South Korean officials also sent out fighter jets to take care of the situation from the sky.

The combat went on for nearly an hour as the Yellow Sea was riddled with flying ammunition.

President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea said, “the provocation this time can be regarded as an invasion of South Korean territory.” The President also called for an “enormous retaliation.”

Lee also made it clear, “reckless attacks on South Korean civilians are not tolerable, especially when South Korea is providing North Korea with humanitarian aid.”

The South Korean government said that it will no longer be providing North Korea with Red Cross support and will be looking to have the United Nations put sanctions on the communist government.

The North Korean government maintained that the South Korean army was firing ammunition on the waters and the event was taken as “war maneuvers for a war of aggression.” The North Korean government claimed that their military forces were simply defending the nation by reacting to what they saw as a “military provocation.”

President Barack Obama said he was disgusted by the actions of North Korea. Obama said he thinks it is now clear that North Korea is going back on their word again and that the state is running out of chances as the rest of the international community is losing patience. Other members of Congress agreed with Obama and spoke poorly of North Korea and their actions.

With 28,500 American soldiers already in the area, as well as over fifty Navy ships, there is no call for an increase in American presence to maintain the situation as of yet.

The tension between North Korea and South Korea has grown to the point where combat is now occurring. While it is not the hope of anyone, it does look like the Korean War resuming is becoming a very realistic possibility.

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