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December 05, 2020

North Korea Threatens South Korea, Demands Provocations Stop

San Francisco ( After the first direct form of combat between North Korea and South Korea in decades, tensions do not appear to be calming in the near future. The attack that left two South Korean marines dead and another 15 injured has led many to fear that the Korean War may resume after nearly six decades.

Thursday, North Korea made it clear that they will have no problem attacking South Korea again if South Korea does not stop their “reckless military provocation.”

The North Korean government is maintaining that their attack on South Korea recently was not a blindside, but in fact a retaliation to what they deemed to be threatening military practices.

Military drills are becoming the center focus in what North Korea seems to view as provocation. The currently planned drills for this Sunday in the Yellow Sea between the United States and South Korea were alluded to.

The North Korean news agency reported that “The U.S. and the South Korean puppet forces are foolishly contemplating an additional provocation aimed to orchestrate another farce and charade such as the ‘Cheonan’ case while kicking up rows and holding confabs one after another such as the declaration of a ‘state of emergency’ and ‘a meeting of ministers in charge of security’ far from drawing due lesson from the recent shelling.”

North Korea has already pointed the finger at the United States and South Korea for what happened in the Yellow Sea this week.

Drills on Tuesday saw the shells from the South Korean ammunition land in waters belonging to North Korea. Evidently, that was seen as threatening enough to North Korea military officials.

The United States and South Korea are not backing down. The drills are for military purposes that in no way truly impose harm onto the North Korean people. Both Americans officials as well as South Korean officials are making the claim that the goal here is to not let the situation get out of hand and to make sure that the problems don’t grow out of hand and become far greater than they already are.

President Lee Myung-bak met with his team of advisors on Thursday and new security measures were decided upon. The new measures are meant to protect the people of South Korea and to ensure the safety of the region.

With tensions running high, it is the calm and responsible reactions of the United States and South Korea that are keeping things in line thus far.

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