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February 27, 2024

North Carolina Passes Constitutional Amendment, Bans Same Sex Marriage

While most of the country is inching towards acceptance of same sex marriage, North Carolina has taken one giant leap backwards.

By a projected vote of 61% to just 39%, the state of North Carolina is officially implementing a constitutional amendment that would ban same sex marriage. To add insult to injury to supporters of same sex marriage, to celebrate the victory, supporters of the law will be eating wedding cake in Raleigh.

Many in the state are arguing that they are not against homosexuals or same sex marriage. Many are claiming that they simply want to keep marriage as it has always been. In essence, they are claiming to be traditionalists who want to maintain marriage as being between men and women.

Backlash is sure to come soon. With more and more states in America looking to move the same sex marriage movement forward, North Carolina has obviously taken a polarizing stance.

It should be interesting to see the fallout from the decision. It is also likely that an appeal will come and it will probably get all the way up to the Supreme Court. With California’s Prop 8 as precedent, it is expected that North Carolina’s decision will go down as unconstitutional.

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