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September 24, 2023

Job Growth in August Literally Nonexistent, Congress Needs to Shape Up

The sun is setting on America's faith in Congress
The sun is setting on America's faith in Congress

In August, as we learned on Friday, job growth in the United States of America was an astounding zero. There was no increase in overall jobs and no change in unemployment.

The more than disappointing numbers are a clear indication that the recent political battles in Congress have done nothing beneficial to the economy.

The talks between Republicans and Democrats have centered on who would improve the economy more and lead to more jobs being created throughout the nation. To say that the two parties are on opposite sides of the debate about how to address the economy is an enormous understatement.

Republicans are playing the same old tune of cutting back on spending in order to bring down the national deficit. Democrats are still talking about stimulating job growth and improving the economy.

Slowly, but surely, much of the American public has lost confidence in Congress. It has gotten to the point where many are becoming self-dependent and choosing to sink or swim on their own instead of waiting to see if the government will provide more jobs.

President Obama is scheduled to speak on the current job situation in America next week. However, with a Congress so split in a way where any progress is highly unlikely, even a pep talk from Obama might not do much anymore.


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