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January 18, 2022

Jersey Shore Recap, Fight Draws Attention, Ronnie and Situation Battle

Going into Thursday night’s new episode of Jersey Shore, viewers were expecting to see Ronnie and Sammi fight and go back to their old ways. Based on the commercials aired since last week, it seemed as though Italy would end up being just like Miami and Seaside: just another victim of Ronnie vs. Sam.

However, when Ronnie and Sam did fight, it was fairly minor and ended surprisingly peacefully. Until Mike’s name got thrown into the mix.

Sam told Ron that Mike told her Ronnie had five women coming to the house. While true, Sammi did not tell Ronnie that her conversation with Situation came much earlier before the two were back together.

Ronnie went off.

Ron went after Situation and the two began to come to blows as the show ended with scenes promoting the violence that would ensue on the next episode.[readnext]

Also on the latest installment of Jersey Shore, the drama between Pauly, Vinny, and Deena came to an end. After tensions rose, the three sat down and laid it all out on the table then proceeded to make up.

Snooki decided to tell Jionni about what was going on with Mike’s accusations.

Snooki also starts her first day at the new job at the pizza place with Pauly and Deena.

The next episode of Jersey Shore is set to air right before the MTV VMA’s on Sunday. With the fight expected to open the show, we will have to borrow a phrase from Situation and say, “Let’s do it!”


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