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January 18, 2022

Hurricane Irene Gets Stronger, East Coast On Guard

G. Mathieson/FEMA News
G. Mathieson/FEMA News

Thursday, Hurricane Irene moved northbound across the east coast of the United States after hitting the Bahamas hard.

Hurricane Irene was moving at 115 mph winds today at five o’clock EST, making it a Category 3 Hurricane. A fear going into Thursday was that the path of the storm would move westward enough to threaten the Maryland area, including Washington D.C.

After already seeing the Bahamas lose power, endure flooding, and having multiple buildings damaged, the fears of the American citizens are completely founded.

According to Bill Read of the National Hurricane Center, the storm has the potential to hit New York and the surrounding area at a strength of a Category 2 and with approximately 100 mile per hour winds.

All across the east coast states, heavy rain is expected with as much as ten inches of heavy rain in some areas.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is already getting ready to go to work in the event that major damage is done and people are in need of major help.

Every time we talk about a hurricane in the United States, we look back to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and along the Gulf states. While Hurricane Irene is not expected to be nearly as strong, the fear is always there in the minds of Americans.


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