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September 22, 2021

College Grants for Dads

It has been well documented recently that President Obama is actively urging single mothers to go to college. What you might not have known is that the federal government wishes single dads would do the same thing as well. In fact more college grant money is being awarded to dads now than ever before.

An increase in college grant funding has made this the best time for dads to seek college grants. The trick in leveraging these grants into a formal college education is knowing where to look for them. The federal government is the best place to start your search. With many different grant programs designed for people of various ethnic and financial backgrounds you are sure to find several grants that you are eligible for.

The most important college grant for dads is the Federal Pell Grant. This grant is offered to dads who suffer from financial hardship and need assistance paying for their college education. The reason why the Pell Grant is so important is that in order to be considered for other federal grant programs you also need to be receiving the Pell Grant.

In order to be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant you will need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or (FAFSA). This form can now be easily filled out through the internet and generally takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Make sure that you fill it out completely and accurately though so that you may remain eligible for the Federal Pell Grant.

Many dads are struggling in this current economy, and are looking for various ways to support their family. One of the best ways to do this is by going back to college. Thankfully there is an increasing number of college grants for dads that make obtaining a college education much less of a financial burden.

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  1. Hi my name is Donald I was previously in college before my daughter was born . Unfortunately I had to drop my education to work full time , but am interested in returning back to school . If you could please email me with information about how to get a grant for fathers that would be much appreciated . Thank you for your time .

  2. I am a divorced dad and accepted into nursing school starting this aug. are there any scholarships or grant that I can apply for?

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