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June 19, 2024

College Grants for Single Mothers

One of the least represented groups in higher education are single mothers. Many struggling single mothers need some form of college grant to pay for college. Thanks to a seemingly unfair welfare regulation some states continue to define student aid as income, which can make a single mother ineligible to receive welfare. In these cases single mothers cannot afford to attend college because they will lose their welfare benefits, and be unable to provide for their family.

While many single mothers may have given up hope of attending college there are a couple of resources available to this demographic. Raise the Nation is a not-for-profit organization solely dedicated to the interests of single mothers. The organization extends a continuing education grant that is awarded based on financial need. Their loan repayment program is awarded to women who have student loans and little means to repay. However, qualified applicants must have a proven record of community service or volunteerism in order to receive aid.

Another way to receive college grants for single mothers is through The Women’s Independence Scholarship program, which is sponsored by the Sunshine Lady Foundation. This organization is uniquely designed to offer educational grants to women who have been victims of a partner’s abuse. These women not only face gender inequality, but also economic and emotional challenges.

While single mothers certainly do face extra hurdles when trying to fund their college degrees, all hope is not lost thanks to college grants for single mothers. With organizations such as Raise the Nation and Sunshine Lady Foundation there is still a way for single mothers to pay for a college education. These college grants offer a great way for these women to enhance their life with a degree.

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