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August 09, 2022

Chelsea Clinton Wedding – Rumors of Costs and Price Abound

Chelsea Clinton wedding location

Chelsea Clinton wedding location

With the wedding of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky tomorrow in Rhinebeck, New York, rumors of their extravagant affair are floating all around the newspapers and internet. Although it’s fairly certain wedding costs will exceed $2 million dollars, it’s not quite sure what everything will exactly cost. If the tab ends up being the speculated $2 million on the low end (high end is $5 million) then the Clintons will match the wedding costs of Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes.

Just for fun lets take a look at the estimates wedding professionals have given to the items the paparazzi has spotted being set up for the Clinton wedding:

  • Total cost: $2 – 5 million
  • Catering: $750k
  • Air conditioned tents for guests: $600k
  • Flowers: $250k
  • Security: $200k
  • Entertainment: $40k
  • Cake: $11 – 20k
  • Vera Wang wedding gown Chelsea was spotted shopping for: $20k
  • Toilets and port-a-potties: $20-25k
  • Guests in attendance: 400 – 500

Was Barack Obama invited?

Turns out Barack Obama was invited to Chelsea’s wedding but will not be able to attend, as he has a job to do. Can you imagine the security nightmare if he were to attend?

What’s next?

After this weekend, you can count on the tabloids moving on to asking if Chelsea will take Marc’s last name. Can you imagine Chelsea Mezvinsky? That just doesn’t sound right.

Given that Chelsea is the Clinton’s only daughter, it’s doubtful Bill and Hilary will approve of changing her last name.

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