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August 15, 2022

Bin Laden Threatens France, Demands Withdrawal From Afghanistan


For the last decade, Osama bin Laden has sent warnings to the United States of America and other nations in the free world through videotapes and audiotapes. And despite rumors that he is no longer alive, a new tape was released on Friday that allegedly features the voice of Osama bin Laden.

In the audiotape, bin Laden allegedly tells the French government that the two journalists who were captured by his organization would only be released if the French pull out of the war in Afghanistan. The two journalists, Herve Ghesquiere and Stephanie Taponier have been held captive since December of 2009.

The message said, “We repeat the same message to you. The release of your prisoners from the hands of our brethren depends on the withdrawal of your soldiers from our countries.”

Much like many of the other tapes released by bin Laden over the years, the lives of innocent people who were captured by his group are being threatened and held as ransom.

In the audio clip, bin Laden also tells the French that their association with the United States will only work against them.

Bin Laden said, “The dismissal of your President Sarkozy to get out of Afghanistan is the result of his subservience to the United States and this is considered to be the green signal to kill your prisoners without delay,” but “we will not do that at the time that suits him and this position will cost you dearly on all fronts, in France and abroad.”

Essentially, bin Laden is suggesting a possible attack on France that would happen on French soil.

However, the French government has announced that bin Laden’s threats are not going to be enough to keep them from keeping their commitments in Afghanistan.

Much question remains as whether or not bin Laden is still influencing his group. Experts are suspecting that he is simply putting out tapes to remind people that he is around and has power, but that the true purpose of his presence is to inspire his forces, not to give them a calling order.

Bin Laden is still believed to be hiding somewhere on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

With 3,750 soldiers in Afghanistan, France is making it clear that they will not be removing their troops anytime soon and that they will not negotiate with terrorists. Even with the threat coming from bin Laden himself, many recall all of the threats made in the past that were never fulfilled.

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