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March 01, 2021

African Union Seeks Peace In Libya, Gadhafi Will Not Participate


The continuing tensions in Libya are proving to be too much for the African Union. The leaders of the continent are becoming less patient with Moammar Gadhafi and want to progress in peace talks quickly to end the violence in Libya. The countries within Africa have made great progressions in recent decades in terms of civil and human rights and the actions going on in Libya are simply unacceptable and must come to an immediate end.

The African Union is planning a meeting soon in Pretoria, South Africa where the conflict in Libya is going to be discussed and a peace deal is going to be drawn out.

However, Sunday it was announced that Moammar Gadhafi is not going to be a part of the meeting. It has yet to be announced who is going to be the Libyan representative in the upcoming meeting.

African Union leaders have been talking closely to Gadhafi and his opposition in the last three months in attempts to bring the violence to an end. The last time a peace deal was even kind of attainable was in April, but it fell apart.

Another issue that the members of the African Union are looking at is the bombing done by NATO. Jacob Zuma, the President of South Africa said that the point of allowing the United Nations to come into the conflict was to help protect the innocent people of Libya, not to put them at risk of being the victims of outside bombing.

Zuma said, “The intention was not to authorize a campaign for regime change or political assassination.” The statement on Sunday went on to say, “Only a political solution will make it possible to sustainably settle the current conflict.”

Zuma said that too many innocent people have died because of the bombings and too much structural damage has been done to the infrastructure of the state.

The statement went on to plea for the ending to the bombings.

One way or another, peace in Libya is at the top of the agenda for both the African Union and the United Nations.

However, in the eyes of many, Gadhafi’s reign can no longer continue. He has lost the faith of most of the people of Libya. The goal of involving the United Nations may not have been to remove Gadhafi, but it is fair to say that for true peace to come in Libya, Gadhafi’s exit is exactly what needs to happen.

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