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January 19, 2022

Michael Jackson Remembered, Legacy Larger Than Ever

Two years ago, the Internet almost crashed. It was not because of an elaborate terrorist plot to cut a main source of communicating information. It was not a catastrophic mistake made by some new employee at one of the major server locations. It was a news story.

That news story was the death of arguably the greatest entertainer of all time and one of the most famous men to ever walk on Earth, Michael Jackson.

On the morning of June 25th, 2009 Michael Joseph Jackson, son of Joe and Katherine Jackson, went into cardiac arrest and then went into a coma before passing away at the age of 50.

That day, search engines were used more than ever before as more people from around the globe flooded the World Wide Web to find out what was happening to the King of Music. Twitter, Wikipedia, AOL, and numerous other sites reported crashing as a result of their servers being bombarded with Internet users looking up the latest info on Jackson.

In the days that followed, Jackson’s albums sold at rates the music industry had not seen. For nearly a month, all of his albums were top sellers again. On iTunes, Amazon, Zune, and in stores, Jackson’s albums were filling the top of the charts. For lengthy periods, he would hold all top ten spots on many charts, sometimes more. In downloads alone, Michael Jackson sold over 2.6 million units in the seven days following his passing.

Within five weeks, Jackson sold 7.6 million singles and 3.8 million albums in the United States alone. By the end of 2009, the man we fell in love with as the little boy from Gary, Indiana had become the best selling artist of the year once again. In the United States he sold 8.2 million albums and within a year of his death that number grew to nine million units in America and 35 million worldwide. The numbers are even higher when singles and digital downloads are counted.

His memorial also made records. When all of the television, Internet, and nighttime viewings of the memorial were counted, a total of 2.5 billion people viewed the event on July 7th, 2009. In American alone, 31.1 million people watched it live. That number is even more impressive when it is noted that the memorial aired at 10:30 am Pacific time on a Tuesday morning when the majority of Americans were at work or school.

To this day, Jackson’s legacy has only grown. All of his talents and accomplishments have been appreciated more than ever. Jackson was the front man of the Jackson 5 since he was 5 years old, beat out the Beatles for the number one hit in the United States at 10 years old, had his first solo number one hit in 1972, made historical albums like Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad with Quincy Jones, received 8 Grammy’s for Thriller along with selling over 100 million copies of the album, – a record never to be broken- was the first black artist on MTV, inspired dance trends and fashion trends, in the 90’s he released the best selling New Jack Swing album of all time Dangerous, HIStory, and the best selling remix album of all time Blood on the Dance Floor, headlined a Super Bowl, released one of the best selling albums of the new millennium Invincible, and along the way inspired a world of giving through his charity work and donations which is estimated to be well over $1 billion.

With new projects, including albums, being put together by Sony, the legacy of Michael Jackson continues to live.

Two years ago, one of the most famous men to ever live was taken from the people of the world. But his legend was given new life. The legend of Michael Jackson continues to soar.

27 Comments on Michael Jackson Remembered, Legacy Larger Than Ever

  1. While I’m dismayed that Mr. Jackson was so horribly hounded by a malicious media when he lived, I’m happy that his legacy is finally being accorded the respect and admiration that he deserves. I think in years to come, even the snarling jackals of media will come to understand that, yes, it’s possible to drown a person in a toxic pool of lies, innuendo and outright lies. No sensitive person can live in such an environment.

    Rest in peace, Michael Jackson, and thank you for all you gave of yourself to the world.

  2. Thank you ON for a rightfully positive piece on a great man. It’s no more than Jackson deserves of course and yes, his legacy — commercially at least — is soaring.

    But I wonder whether all this hand clapping and monument building would have even been necessary had Jackson been treated as the innocent man he was declared to be in 2005?

    Only the naive could have failed to notice the media’s non-acceptance of that emphatic verdict, and who knows of course what toll the years of chronically malevolent media had on Jackson?

    Beyond the TV specials, the breathless voyeurism of countless paid-by-the-word “experts” who, over a period of over twenty years lined up to dissect a man they never actually knew — one thing has been forgotten time and time again:.

    Michael Jackson was a human being. He was also a human being who, in 2005, was found overwhelmingly not guilty in an evidently tortuous, protracted trial that was itself subjected — as was its defendant — to unprecedented levels of scrutiny.

    For a clutch of reasons that include: the decline of factually accurate journalism, and its substitution for an industry that believes it has the right to chase down celebrities and public figures like dogs, in its place — American and international public opinion never got to hear the truth about 1993 and 2005.

    The evidence supporting the reality of Evan Chandler’s — the father of the boy in 1993 — successful extortion, along with the non-existence of any so-called ‘match’ between Jordan Chandler’s alleged description and the intimate photographs of Jackson — are facts that have been either ignored or denied by the press since 1993 to the present day.

    In fact, since 1993, an industry that should and does know better, has mounted a determined assault on both Jackson’s character and civil rights. In 2005, the same invested ex-district attorney and same civil lawyer from 1993, along with a family of almost sublimely deceitful grifters attempted a second extortion. They failed, and Jackson was acquitted – but in real terms he lost.

    Press coverage around the world assumed Jackson’s guilt, and notably, no questions were asked afterwards as to how and why a case whose viability was on a par with a BP oil pipe, was sanctioned in the first place. Jackson never recovered from that case, and he was clearly driven to an early death by the toll of such sustained pressure.

    So the jokes get told, and the world continues to ignore the outrage Jackson’s death represents. If not for America’s addiction to liabilty lawsuits and the predators that unlimited damages attract (including the attorneys) — together with the utterly biased media commentary from 1993-2005 onwards — it’s highly doubtful whether Jackson would have ever felt he needed someone like Dr Murray in his life.

    For those who would like to know more:

    1: Phenomenal Analysis of the Evan Chandler Extortion &
    background to 1993:

    2: Report on Evan Chandler’s successful extortion by
    British journalist, Charles Thomson:

    3: Expose of media bias against Jackson in the Huffington

    • Thank you Liam for the links.
      Really worth the read.

      Michael was truly innocent.
      It was the bad press that slowly took away Michael’s life.
      Nobody cared to shed clearer light on the facts, the truth about Michael’s innocence. How heartbreaking.

  3. Thank you, Mark Ryabtsev, for your thoughtful and factual article acknowledging Michael Jackson singular musical achievements and how they affected (and still affect) millions around the world. Add to that his humanitarian efforts — many done without fanfare — we see a man of talent and generousity. Of the many Greatests, Bests, and Biggests that accumulate behind Jackson’s name, I would mention that he was the Nicest Guy you would want to know. Believe me, that’s a real achievement in show business. Bless Michael Jackson’s children whom he loved unconditionally and who loved him back unconditionally. They will soon shoulder their father’s legacy and honor. And, they will do so with the excellence and integrity that reflect their upbringing.

  4. Thank you for this tribute to Michael Jackson. His unparalleled legacy as a musician and performer is only bolstered by the information coming out now about his humanitarian efforts–and from so many associates, friends, and colleagues, accounts of what an inspiration he was to them in both creativity and pure goodness.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful article about Mr. Jackson’s unique talent and global impact on so many people. Let’s not forget his lifelong humanitarianism, staggering monetary aid to the less fortunate among us and his deep and passionate concern for the earth we all share. Michael Jackson was about love always…through his art, his social activism, his refusal to accept limitations as he moved us toward greater acceptance of one another. He modeled how to love through torment, unfairness and cruelty…always coming back to give more. Yes, his legacy is his grand music, his children and everything he gave throughout his life. Someday we will realize what we had and what was lost.

  6. Thanks for a truthful article about MJ. I miss his music and goodness. Earth Song and We are the world will live forever as anthems to his humanity.

  7. His talent was staggering. His kindness and compassion legendary. His message profound but frequently misunderstood or completely missed by the masses.

    He was a prophet. He came, he saw, he broke down racial barriers, he brought love and caring. He was a beloved son, brother, friend, hero and caring, loving father. He adored his fans and is loved and respected by millions of people all over the globe.

    Michael Jackson is gone from us physically, but he lives and inspires the best in us forever. Thank you, Michael. We L.O.V.E. YOU more!

  8. Thank you very much for this very nice and factual tribute to Michael Jackson. His accomplishments in music will never be equalled and probably not his philanthropic efforts either. He inspires mounting levels of creativity in all forms of artistic expression because as you say, he was simply the best. His admirers will never let his name fade away thanks to journalists like you who focus upon the positive aspects of his life and the facts – not upon tabloid media lies and innuendo. Again, thank you very much!

  9. Thank you, Mr. Ryabtev, for your wonderfully positive and accurate article on Michael Jackson and his legacy. Millions of us continue to show our support and love for Michael and his art! Thanks for reminding us all of his enormous accomplishments both artistically and philanthropically. The world lost its greatest cheerleader when it lost Michael Jackson.

  10. Brilliant Article one of very few with a positive attitude. I wish this could be seen in Major News Papers and Magazines. It has been too long that negative news has been produced for this extra ordinary Man, a human being that gave so much to his fellow humans, and yet was deliberately made the Laughing Stock of the Lynch Mob. So I thank the writer for giving me something to be happy about and proud over and over again to be a Michael Jackson Fan for ever!

  11. Thank you for this beautiful article reminding all what a special individual Michael Jackson was. Truthful and respectful articles such as this are truly appreciated and always needed in a world where lies and hatred seem to take over. Thank you very much!

  12. Thanks for this most uplifting article on one of the most generous humanitarians of all time. Michael Jackson was indeed a genius when it came to music, dance, writing lyrics, producing short films, etc; however you have touched on another part of his legacy, i.e., his humanitarian efforts. He not only gave unselfishly to people all over the world, he also cared deeply for the preservation of our planet. He was an environmentalist before it became popular to be so. Thanks again for this wonderful article.

  13. Michael Jackson will be remembered as the best entertainer that walked this earth. This is a great article that hightlights just this fact!

  14. “Two years ago, one of the most famous men to ever live was taken from the people of the world” He will be missed forever.
    “The legend of Michael Jackson continues to soar” So very true. Thank you Mr. Ryabtsev for this beautiful article.

  15. The legend lives on, but what a shame that he was not given the recognition he so richly deserved in the latter part of his life. Whatever magic Jackson possessed still existed for his fans, even through the darkest years of his life, and it lives on in their devotion and loyalty to his legacy. A new generation of music lovers are now experiencing that magic as Michael Jackson continues to entertain and inspire. Let’s hope there’s more exposure for the amazing humanitarian and charity work that he did so humbly on a similar scale. Legends never die!

  16. Excellent article. Refreshing to read something so positive and complimentary about Michael. Sad to be two years on without him, sometimes you wish time would just stop in memory of him even if only for a second. But one thing i have learned is that nomatter how many years go by, he will never be forgotten – his legacy (as it says in this article) will just continue to soar.

  17. What a wonderful article about a great entertainer and humanitarian. If we can learn to concentrate, focus upon and appreciate this extraordinary human being, the false stories and inuendo immediately fall away and we are left with the breathtaking truth that God gave us a prophet and genius the likes of which will never come again. We are so fortunate he came along in our lifetime; Michael Joseph Jackson, we will love and honor you forever.

  18. Wonderful article about Michael Jackson’s lasting legacy. He has also recently won NME’s best singer contest, which was voted on by millions and millions of music fans all over the world. Mr. Jackson’s legacy also lives on in the smiles and the hearts of all of those less fortune individuals that he was able to help through all of his humanitarian efforts. It’s nice to read an article that reports the truth about Michael Jackson and does not just parrot back the slanders,distortions, and outright lies that have been spewed by the lazy,uninformed and unethical Media about him throughtout his life.

  19. What a loss for all the world. The talent, humanity, generousity and charisma of one special “star” in our galaxy will never be matched. i am glad to say that I lived and witnessed this “gift” fromthe heavens in my llifetime. GONE TOO SOON. RIP,finally, Michael. Thank you for this beautifully “truthful ‘ article.

  20. Thank you for this enlightening article. At last, real journalists with real talent are basing their articles on FACTS, and not some trashy rumors.

    Thank you for being fair, intelligent, and for showing us the real face of one of the most generous humanitarians of all time. Michael Jackson was a genius when it came to music, dance, lyrics, videos…but it is important to talk about the other side of his legacy : his humanitarian efforts. You did. Thank you.

    He’s listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the most generous artist; we should never forget how big his heart was.

  21. Mr. Ryabtsev, thank you for this intelligent, truthful and factual essay. My heart is heavy with Michael Jackson’s loss, but my life and the lives of millions of people all over this planet have been so enriched by this wonderful man, his message, his love for all living things. His legacy will continue to grow as the truth of who he really was continues to seep out, bit by bit, into the social consciousness of our world now. Thank you so much for honoring him and his children and his family, with this beautiful article.

  22. Many, many thanks to you, Mr. Ryabtsev and other journalists like you for publishing the truly inspirational and uplifting truths about Mr. Jackson. His musical gifts and charitable contributions, as great as they are, are only part of his legacy. The impact he made upon the world, on so many levels, might never be completely appreciated. But Thanks to you and others, his goodness will outshine all the media slander that attempted to kill his spirit. His world-wide fans will never allow his spirit to die.

  23. Mr. Ryabtsev, thank you for this beautiful, honest piece. Mainstream media has not been kind or balanced in the way they treated Michael Jackson. Thankfully the web has so much room for writers like you who give him credit for the good he did. He is now beyond whatever good (or bad) we can say about him. But those of us who are left behind need to be constantly reminded to be truthful and just, like he was throughout his lifetime. Therefore, please carry on. God bless you.

  24. Thank you so much for this wonderful article!

    I hope to see articles that shed more light on the truth – Michael’s innocence on the allegations.

    Michael is the King of Music. No one comes close.

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