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July 19, 2024

45,000 Verizon Workers Strike Over Contract on East Coast

Chris Hondros/Getty Images
Chris Hondros/Getty Images

When the clock hit midnight on Saturday the 6th, thousands of Verizon workers who were part of the Verizon Communication Incorporation wire line division went on strike because their contract had expired and no new agreement was made about their health care costs or pensions. This contract only affected workers who are members if the Communications Workers of America Union so there are still many people working for Verizon to keep it up and running.[readnext]

Those who went on strike protested around New York City and Philadelphia wearing red. These workers are responsible for maintaining and repairing landlines and installing FIOS so this strike will only affect customers who are looking for something to be installed or repaired to their service.

Verizon is not going to let this strike affect their customer service therefore, new managers and retirees have been trained while they hope that this strike does not last as long as the one that occurred in 2000 which had a duration of nearly three weeks. Verizon said they will sit back at the table and negotiate again only if the unions will bargain seriously.

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